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I assume your talking about the Akatsuki scene in episode 135 of the Naruto English Dubbed. If you are, then no, it just that in episode 135 of Naruto, after Naruto vs. Sasuke, those voice actors were just temporary, the real voice actors weren't cast yet. Also, you should know that the voice actor for Deidara in Part I is not the same person who voiced Deidara in Part II, Quinton Flynn played him in episode 135, but Roger Craig Smith was the one who took the role as the official voice actor. Also Itachi was no longer voiced by Skip Stellrecht, as he was replaced by Crispin Freeman, who was chosen for the role in the beginning and Skip was just temporary as well. The only voice actors for Akatsuki members that made it into Part II where Kisame and Sasori's Hiruko puppet voice actors. Pain was actually temporarily played by Dave Wittenberg, who plays Kakashi.