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  •  You labeled Sasuke's ultimate technique Kirin and Susanoo, which is pretty wrong.

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    • If you looked at the history, you'd have known that answer was out-dated because it was answered back in 2012. Long before Indra's Arrow even debuted. Please make sure you read the Answering Policy before changing the answer on an old question. The question should be marked for deletion, not changed.

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    • An Unknown Helper
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  • i know i been asking alot of questions,but i like to know about this as well,though the way i am phrasing it might not be accurate. 

    It's regarding kurama, where exactly does it gather the chakra from,when it's current limit is exhausted ? We saw that ninetails after naruto used BM for the 2nd time(when naruto shared chakra with every one on the battle field) was trying to build up it's chakra again before the yin half inside minato shared some of it's with the one inside naruto. But that doesn't explain where exactly it was trying to gather chakra from before that.(if it was the natural replenishment like with ordinary shinobi,but only at a much faster rate i don't get why it was sitting with it's palms brought together in way not too disimilar to way we saw naruto and all trying to mould natural energy) Even though juubi gives of the sensation  of natural energy circulating around the world,ninetails couldn't be gathering chakra from the nature around it since that would have meant the regular bijuu chakra which is used would have natural enegery to it,and no need would have arose for naruto to combine his senjutsu later on with his BM. Also we saw (in the mangapanda,and mangafox scans though they aren't that reliable) naruto asking kurama if it was ready when sasuke was preparing to use indra's arrow before the kurama clone gave naruto  the huge natural enegry boost. so essentially the question is does kurama get it's chakra replenished like others but at a much more accelerated rate or is it able to gather chakra from anywhere else?(if it was only able to gather chakra from the nature after naruto got six path senjutsu,what about before that)

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  • So far the only thing that was easy for me to comprehend was six path chakra is hagoromo's chakra,and you can get that  directly from him like sasuke did to awaken his rinnegan or combining the chakra of asura and indra like madara did.

    what about the other two(i tried to read about it from nf and other chats happening here but didn't fully get the diff) .

    is it like six path sage chakra is the chakra of the juubi  jinchuriki or a psudeo one like with naruto (or that chakra combined with hagoromo's chakra) 

    and six path power is using the power provided by the six path chakra to augment your natural jutsu like chidori or lightning cutter . (i would love it if you could explain the diff if you can and not direct me to the link of six path,as i read it and was still confused there) 

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    • Not gonna ask about the novel part since lots of people are taking diff sides on the matter . But for the tailed beast one,the design markings on the chakra form is same as naruto's in the form he took against sasuke,not to mention the six arms and multiple heads and even having tail like chakra appendages behind it. I mean didn't the latest db state only madara had a complete body susanoo ,despite the same pic showing indra had,sasuke later on had it(even enhancing it later on) ,and even if it was temporary the one kakashi used with obito's eyes and six path power. So wouldn't 'it be possible' it's something like that with asura since we don't know any other form other than tb mode having similar appearance. 

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    • The novels were not written by Kishimoto, and although they fit into the timeline, they are not considered canon officially. What other people think is of little relevance.

      Yes, but we don't know if that the form is influence of the Tailed Beast, or due to Naruto being the reincarnation of Asura. The same could be said for Minato, as its possible the Nine-Tails' Chakra Mode is the result of Naruto and Minato's chakra conversion ability, instead of Kurama's doing, with which both could have inherited from Asura, assuming of course Minato is also related.

      The Complete Body Susano'o is a stablized Susano'o, as far as we know, Indra's chakra has no effect on getting the move, however, just like the Six Paths Chakra, it probably makes it easier to use. After all, Indra was the only known Mangekyo Sharingan user of the Complete Body Susano'o, which clearly shows he's at a different level than the other users.

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    • An Unknown Helper
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  • What would happen if both halves of kyuubi were to combine in naruto. Would he be able to undergo full transformation like other jinchuurikis.

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  • Ah yes, forgot about that one.

    Do you know what is wrong with the special categories over on the wikia? I tried to look at the S-Rank techniques page listings and all I got was an error message?

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  • I was looking for momoshiki there for a year and still didn't find it. We should have a search there or something like that. Also who wants to search a manualy search? Plus maybe you didn't add it. I know you can do in the alphabet, but if so then we have do it 12 times and scroll down much. So please.

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    • As far as I know Momoshiki's age hasn't been revealed, thus he isn't on the list.

      Most browsers has an inbuilt search function, ctrl+f, and I don't know is one can be made on a wiki page.

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    • An Unknown Helper
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  • Since you and Omega64 have greatest knowledge of everyone on this wiki, I want to hear your opinion. Can you tell me, or at least hypothesize who are 10 strongest shinobi in Naruto series, from strongest to weakest?

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  • Hey is their any modification Aritcle panel, because last edited line dont show anymore

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  • Hey, have the hot tabs for the Admins been disabled, mine aren't active above the questions? Are your's still working?

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  • Here a perfected version do you won't forget:

    Naruto's Personal Life Lessons I made this blog to clarity in a personal sense what I believe to be the lessons Naruto had learn over the series to become who he is today, as the Perfect Jinchuuriki of the Nine Tailed Beasts and Seventh Hokage of Konohagakure. Note the names of the Tailed beasts, and what I believe to be the lesson each of their tail represent to Naruto, at least to me.

    Shukaku: Prolugue 1. Identity - Naruto learning of his status as Kurama's Jinchūriki

    Matatabi: Land of Waves 2. Knowledge and Fear - The formation of Team 7 (with Kakashi, Sakura, And Sasuke), their first missions, particularly the one in the Land of Waves, along with Naruto's first encounter with fear, including learning how cruel the ninja can be.

    3. Vows - Naruto making his nindō, vowing not to let the ninja world change him, like it changed Zabuza and Haku

    Isobu: Chūnin Exams 4. Courage - Naruto learning to face his fears, including Gaara and the obstacles of the unknown.

    5. Fate - Naruto proving to Neji that fate is changeable.

    6. Empathy - Naruto developing his ability to change those he fights through their defeat and his own empathy (TnJ'd), like Neji and Gaara.

    Son Goku: Konoha Crush - Sasuke Recovery Mission

    7. Will of Fire - Naruto developed his Will of Fire during his fight against Gaara, which included everyone in the village.

    8. Focus - Naruto's training with the Rasengan during his and Jiraiya's search for Tsunade, which also lead to Naruto's first encounters with Orochimaru and the Akatsuki.

    9. Failure - Naruto's first failure attempt to stop Sasuke from walking the path of evil. This is Naruto's first real failure since become a ninja.

    10. Change - Time's are changing for Naruto and his loved ones as he heads off to trains with Jiraiya to prepare the challenges in the future.

    Kokuo: Kazekage Rescue Mission - Itachi Pursuit Mission

    11. Bonds - Naruto's bonds of friends and loved ones has matured to the points where they now cross any border or boundary, including villages.

    12. Tempest - Naruto's realization to control his temper or risk losing control to the Nine-Tails and his power.

    13. Acceptance - Naruto's willingness to accept new changes and people into the team and his life, like Sai and Yamato.

    14. Drive - Naruto's drive is tested and strengthened during his nature affinity training after failing to bring Sasuke back a second time.

    15. Adaptability - Naruto learning to make full use of his shadow clone justu's full capabilities, his Rasengan and own cunning imagination during the development of his Rasenshuriken and his battle against Kakuzu.

    Saiken: Pain's Assault

    16. Loss - Naruto learning of Jiraiya's death, his first time losing a close loved one and the first of more to come.

    17. Evolution - Naruto stepping up to more responsibility and more power for the trails ahead, at Shikamaru's suggestion, including taking up his role of being the Child of Prophecy, Jiraiya's dream and mission to bring world peace and his Senjustu training.

    18. Nature - Naruto harnessing the power of nature and it benefits through mastering Senjustu.

    19. Pain - Naruto enduring great pain during his clash against The Six Paths of Pain, including coming close to losing everything holds dear, including the village.

    20. Revelation - Naruto coming across many great revelations while facing off against Pain that would forever change and shape his life: Naruto's role of being the Child of Prophecy, recalling Jiraiya's dream and mission to bring world peace, Nagato's being a fellow disciple of Jiraiya, the shape and corruption of the current ninja world, Hinata's love for him (somewhat forgetten), who his father was, why he was made a jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails, just a few of more to come in the future.

    21. Hatred, Peace and Belief - Naruto's first brush with feelings of intense hatred, the thought for true world peace and his understaning of his fallen master's belief in him to carry out his will and succeed.

    Chomei: Five Kage Summit - Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown (Waterfall)

    22. Reality and Understanding - Naruto coming to the understating and realities of Sasuke's becoming internationally wanted, what now drive Sasuke in his quest for vengeance, and the fact that he may have to face off and kill Sasuke, in order to prevent more chaos.

    23. Role - Learning from Tobi about how it would be Naruto's role and destiny to face Sasuke to the death, to continue the clash between the Will of Fire and the Curse of Hatred.

    24. Trauma - The shocking trauma Naruto endures from the order to kill Sasuke as a criminal, Sasuke's new found determination to destroy all who ever, in his eyes, crossed his clan and Itachi, Sakura's fake love confession, and his friends' decision to stop Sasuke at all cost, which causes him to black out.

    25. Reflection - Upon regaining consciousness and while heading to catch up with the rest of Team Seven as the faced off against Sasuke, Naruto reflects on what everything that's happened.

    26. Clarity - Once meeting up and clashing with Sasuke, Naruto gains clarity on what must be done about Sasuke for himself.

    27. Choices - With great clarity and reflection, Naruto concludes that he alone must face Sasuke to somehow save him from the path of evil and protect all he swore to protect as well, this is also the first of the choices he must make for himself and the heart to follow them thorough to the end, despite the protests and consequences.

    28. Forgiveness - During the first stage of his jinchūriki training with Killer B includes learning to forgive and let go of his anger and hatred that has build up throughout his life.

    Gyuki: Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown - Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax 29. Self-Confidence - Naruto gaining great self-confidence from those who believe in him: his parents and Jiraiya.

    30. Past - Naruto through gaining some mastery of his jinchūriki powers, learns of his mother, her and Minato's past, including the terrible tragedy that stole them and many other lives, along with shaped Naruto's life and the Uchiha's fate: Nine-Tails' Attack on Konoha.

    31. Limitations - Naruto knowing that that there are limits to what he can do by himself from Itachi and his failure.

    32. Consideration & Teamwork - From his clash with Itachi and Nagato, learns that he really shouldn't try to take on everything on his own and be willing to work with those who acknowledges and loves him to succeed and become Hokage.

    33. Names - Through his fight with Tobi, learns of the Tailed Beasts' names, gaining their respect, trust and power, including Kurama (Nine-Tails) and came to become true partners, mastering Kurama's powers at last.

    34. Present - Naruto has become determined to protect all now stand for, regardless of the past.

    35. Endurance - With Hinata's and Kurama's help, Naruto learns to endure Neji's death and more hardships, finally understanding that Ninja are meant to endure.

    36. Hope - Naruto, learns to hold on to hope, which in turn gives hope for the Alliance, including the return of Sasuke and his allies for the final battle.

    Kurama: Birth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki - Naruto the Last/Konoha Hiden

    37. Heart - Through his hardships, Naruto has become the heart of the alliance and their fighting spirits.

    38. Leadership - Naruto, as the heart, has proven his skills as a leader, and proven his potential for Hokage.

    39. Legacy - Naruto, through meeting Hagoromo, learns of the legacy he carries as Asura's latest reincarnation and the inheritor of the Sage's mission to bring world peace with Sasuke.

    40. Nexus - With the Sage's power and the combined power of the Nine Tailed Beasts, Naruto becomes the Perfect Jinchūuriki of the Tailed Beasts and with Sasuke's help, the rest of Team Seven and Obito's sacrifice, the stop Madara, Black Zestu and Kaguya for good.

    41. Brotherhood - Through one final battle with Sasuke, Naruto manages to win and expresses his thought to Sasuke as his brother, finally convinces him to abandon the path of evil.

    42. Future - With the Akatsuki's defeat and Sasuke's redemption, Naruto is truly ready for whatever else is in his future.

    43. Memories - During his mission to save Hanabi and the world with Hinata, Naruto would come to see her memories of her love for him and in turn his feelings for her.

    44. Family - For a long time, all Naruto would want deep down is a true family, and during the mission, he realizes the greatest family he could ever have is Hinata.

    45. True Love - The final lesson Naruto learns and masters in order to fully let go of his painful past and hardships is the true love he feels for Hinata, and through staring a new family with her, he finally becomes worthy of the title: Seventh Hokage and continue to promote peace through the world.

    What do you think?

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