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aka Initials= C.J.C

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on August 10
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
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  • Hi there

    I just like to pop by and say hello :)

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  • Hey! Just checking in. Do you feel better?

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  • Dang honey, you need to take care of yourself! I just read your post and you are burning that candle at both ends. I did the same thing in my 20's too and sometimes still do. But really, you need to take care of yourself, your body will only go so far and do so much. Ok, nagging over. I hope the community doesn't go away! I'm just getting here and stuff! I have already watched The Last twice and am getting the dvd today. AND I'm starting to read the manga! Is the Boruto movie being released in your area or are you watching it online? Bah! I wasn't going to ask you a question! Disregard. These are statements only so if you get a chance to at least read some of this you won't feel obligated to do anything about what you've read. In any event, I'm still hanging around and once I get more into the manga I'll have more questions. Hopefully you'll make it through all the extracurricular stuff soon and will get a chance to enjoy yourself some. I know what your going through, I was married to a med student that had a couple of law student friends and those two professions have the hardest schooling. I was in art school so my tests, classwork, homework etc were waaaaaaaay different. Take care and carve some time out for yourself, it will save your sanity.

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    • Thanks for your support! I'm glad you understand. I'm also happy to see your enthusiasm. It's always a joy corresponding with someone who is always so positive.

      To answer your question, the Boruto film is being released in theaters only- it won't be available online for some time. If you have the time over this weekend, there may be a showing in an area near you. Here is a link to the ticket website; I'm not sure if they are sold out, but you could get lucky.  I have to drive 45 minutes away to go see it with some of my friends, but its worth it.

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    • Well, it's about two hours away from me and I don't have any friends that would really care to go so I may make the trip myself. Why the hell not! And thank you! You have always been very kind and I appreciate every single link you've shared and have used them a number of times. So, take care of yourself and get some of that stuff done so we can have our discussion!

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    • An Unknown Helper
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  • I have finished. It is done. I want to cry and cheer at the same time.

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    • That's great! There's a bunch of stuff I want to get your opinion on, and that I will eventually reply to as well. Since I'm limited for time now, here's just a long list of questions for you to ponder. Some are generic, while others are much more complex. I'll be looking from an overall story standpoint, but a lot of the more specific questions will be towards the end of the series (chapter #600-#700), as that's what I know best. No rush, as I won't be able to answer you until at least this weekend (probably)-

      • Who is your favorite character, and why?
      • What was your favorite story arc, and why (let's go with both Part I and Part II)?
      • Did you prefer Part I or Part II more, and why?
      • What is your favorite fight, and why (whether it be anime, manga, or both)?
      • What is your favorite technique, and why?
      • What was your favorite death, and why?
      • What was the saddest moment of the series?
      • What element of the series do you hate the most?
      • What was the most surprising/best plot development/twist of the series for you?
      • Who is your favorite villain, and why?
      • What did you think of the Fourth Shinobi World War as a whole?
      • What did you think of Tobi's true identity?
      • Who was the better Ten-Tails Jinchuriki in your opinion- Obito or Madara?
      • What did you think of the the Infinite Tsukuyomi's activation?
      • What did you think about Black Zetsu's betrayal, and Kaguya's revival? Specifically how it correlates with Madara being shafted.
      • In general, what do you think of Kaguya as a whole?
      • What are your full thoughts on Sasuke's character development during the final chapters (#692-#699)?
      • What are your full thoughts Naruto and Sasuke's final battle (as I will explain later, this was my favorite manga fight of the series- hopefully it will also be my favorite animated battle as well)?
      • What did you think of the surprise ending of the battle with Naruto and Sasuke losing their arms?
      • What are your ideas/suggestions of how the anime could improve Naruto and Sasuke's final battle (as I will explain in more depth later, I know someone with connections with Studio Pierrot who is giving suggestions to the anime team of how to properly adapt the fight; so give me your ideas to pass on)?
      • What did you think of The Last? Specifically in regards to the romance, as well as Toneri as a villain?
      • What are your thoughts on the overall ending, as well as the new generation?
      • Any other miscellaneous topics I didn't mention/anything else you want to say regarding the Naruto series.

      This is a lot to go through, so just take it in chunks. Regardless, I look forward to talking more about this with you!

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    • Woot! I have a document started and am answering them a bit at time. Got a few done already and will post them later this weekend. I've had some busy stuff too and next weekend may be even busier but this is so enjoyable that I'll give it some time. It'll be my 'decompress from the real world' time.

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    • An Unknown Helper
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  • Hi there! I am current with the anime and I have finished Vol. 71 today. I posted a message on Omega's wall and wanted to tag you or something in it because it's acutally directed at both of you. I wasn't sure if there was a way to do  that and I didn't want to put the exact same message on your wall as on his. Anyway, I'm super stoked. I'm already sad that it's over though and I'm not even all the way done. I have to wait till October 6th!! I'm not sure that I want to be that patient but since I have no choice. I will use the time for some serous review though. I'll never reach the Pro Level of you and Omega but I will pull a Hinata and train my ass off. Ha, weak joke. Pretty lame. Sorry about that. I won't edit it though, I only edit my foul language. You guys get me as I am. Mostly.

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    • Hey there! First of all, sorry about taking so long to respond. Yet more personal stuff has come up in my life and my time is once again very limited. I'll try to get to all of you're blogs/PMs some time this week.

      It's great to hear that you're almost caught up! Now that I know this, there is a bunch of stuff I want to ask you. When you're completely finished, let me know and I'll come up with a list of things to get your opinion of, and we can springboard off of there.

      I'm not sure how much you know about this already, but you actually can read the final ten chapters online by fan translators. Though it's not the official Viz translations, these are pretty solid. I'm not supposed to do this, but I'll make a special exception here. Here is a link to chapter #691 translated. The rest of volume #72 (#692-#700) is also available on this website. Now, allow me to make a suggestion to you. After you read up to #699, don't read #700 immediately. Instead, after reading #699, watch The Last: Naruto the Movie on this website (English sub only). Continuity wise, the events of #700 occur after The Last: Naruto the Movie, so it makes more sense to follow the story this way. After you watch the film, then go back and read #700 (again, it is also on that website I linked you). Then after reading #700, there is a short, ten chapter miniseries called Naruto Gaiden. You can read the Naruto Gaiden sequel series here.

      As I'm sure you already know, both Volume #72 and The Last: Naruto the Movie will be released on October 6th. So if you want to wait to read the final volume and watch the film officially, you can wait until then. However, the Naruto Gaiden miniseries won't be officially released until January 2016. So I'd definitely advise that you just read the translated chapters. 

      Talk to you soon!!!

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    • Thank you! You are AMAZING!!!

      I typed out a really nice reply and it has just 'woosh' disappeared.

      To sum that one up:

      Thank you

      Thank you

      Thank you

      I was hoping that I would get to read the Gaidan series before next year.

      Thank you thank you.

      If I can repay the favor I'd love to do so. Thank you.

      I knit, cook and bake, do yoga, a lot of gardening and paint. These don't translate well to virtual life though so maybe another thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou will have to suffice.

      Thank you.

      Hopefully the personal stuff will pass smoothly. Life can get awfully bumpy and complicated.

      Thank you.

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    • An Unknown Helper
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  • Ok, I'm very curious about why Sasuke is such a favorite of yours. In some ways I think I can understand but I'd rather hear (read) your thoughts. I have such mixed feelings about the guy to be honest and I can more easily see why would dislike him more that really like him. I feel bad for him, the horrible experience with Itatchi, and how the Curse of Hatred really got him, but at the same time, other people really had some pretty bad s*&t happen and they didn't around hating and hating and wanting to kill and take over the world. Well, I guess more did than didn't. Anyway, I know his current change of heart is still selfishly motivated. He's not doing what he's doing with Team & becuase he cares about him but becuase they and this are just a means to an end. Unless he does and you see this and I don't. Anyway, when you get the chance I'd love it if you'd share your thoughts and feelings on this.

    I am going to be sad when it's all over.

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    • Hey, as I just said to Abyss, I want to let you know that today my friend ended up getting an allergic reaction, so I've spent the better part of the last four hours dealing with that. So I doubt I'll be able to get to you tonight.

      However, I'll start working on a response gradually over the course of this week. Ideally, since it is an abridged version of a later discussion, it shouldn't be too difficult to complete. So please bear with me and I apologize for the inconvenience.

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    • Hey man, don't feel bad! I hope your friend is ok, that can be serious stuff.

      I have almost finished most of the questions you gave. Some will need eme to do more review or thining on before I can give a good answer though. And most may have a bigger answer than you were hoping to get, so sorry about that. I just copied and pasted it into a word doc and am going to copy and past that into a blog post here in a bit. I am looking forward to our discussion!

      I hope you'll take some chill time tonight and check out the epic moon eclipse tonight. I am going to hang out in the back yard and catch as much as I can.

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    • An Unknown Helper
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  • Hey bro! mind if you share some thoughts of Sasuke's. (I edit Malowry can see this on Recent Activity hahaha) 

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  • Hey Kirin, I respect how much you do on this site and how much you can answer about Naruto etc. Is there any other way I could PM you and have a conversation? Facebook messenger, Kik etc.? Or are you gonna be on the Live! Chat anytime soon?

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  • Here a perfected version do you won't forget:

    Naruto's Personal Life Lessons I made this blog to clarity in a personal sense what I believe to be the lessons Naruto had learn over the series to become who he is today, as the Perfect Jinchuuriki of the Nine Tailed Beasts and Seventh Hokage of Konohagakure. Note the names of the Tailed beasts, and what I believe to be the lesson each of their tail represent to Naruto, at least to me.

    Shukaku: Prolugue 1. Identity - Naruto learning of his status as Kurama's Jinchūriki

    Matatabi: Land of Waves 2. Knowledge and Fear - The formation of Team 7 (with Kakashi, Sakura, And Sasuke), their first missions, particularly the one in the Land of Waves, along with Naruto's first encounter with fear, including learning how cruel the ninja can be.

    3. Vows - Naruto making his nindō, vowing not to let the ninja world change him, like it changed Zabuza and Haku

    Isobu: Chūnin Exams 4. Courage - Naruto learning to face his fears, including Gaara and the obstacles of the unknown.

    5. Fate - Naruto proving to Neji that fate is changeable.

    6. Empathy - Naruto developing his ability to change those he fights through their defeat and his own empathy (TnJ'd), like Neji and Gaara.

    Son Goku: Konoha Crush - Sasuke Recovery Mission

    7. Will of Fire - Naruto developed his Will of Fire during his fight against Gaara, which included everyone in the village.

    8. Focus - Naruto's training with the Rasengan during his and Jiraiya's search for Tsunade, which also lead to Naruto's first encounters with Orochimaru and the Akatsuki.

    9. Failure - Naruto's first failure attempt to stop Sasuke from walking the path of evil. This is Naruto's first real failure since become a ninja.

    10. Change - Time's are changing for Naruto and his loved ones as he heads off to trains with Jiraiya to prepare the challenges in the future.

    Kokuo: Kazekage Rescue Mission - Itachi Pursuit Mission

    11. Bonds - Naruto's bonds of friends and loved ones has matured to the points where they now cross any border or boundary, including villages.

    12. Tempest - Naruto's realization to control his temper or risk losing control to the Nine-Tails and his power.

    13. Acceptance - Naruto's willingness to accept new changes and people into the team and his life, like Sai and Yamato.

    14. Drive - Naruto's drive is tested and strengthened during his nature affinity training after failing to bring Sasuke back a second time.

    15. Adaptability - Naruto learning to make full use of his shadow clone justu's full capabilities, his Rasengan and own cunning imagination during the development of his Rasenshuriken and his battle against Kakuzu.

    Saiken: Pain's Assault

    16. Loss - Naruto learning of Jiraiya's death, his first time losing a close loved one and the first of more to come.

    17. Evolution - Naruto stepping up to more responsibility and more power for the trails ahead, at Shikamaru's suggestion, including taking up his role of being the Child of Prophecy, Jiraiya's dream and mission to bring world peace and his Senjustu training.

    18. Nature - Naruto harnessing the power of nature and it benefits through mastering Senjustu.

    19. Pain - Naruto enduring great pain during his clash against The Six Paths of Pain, including coming close to losing everything holds dear, including the village.

    20. Revelation - Naruto coming across many great revelations while facing off against Pain that would forever change and shape his life: Naruto's role of being the Child of Prophecy, recalling Jiraiya's dream and mission to bring world peace, Nagato's being a fellow disciple of Jiraiya, the shape and corruption of the current ninja world, Hinata's love for him (somewhat forgetten), who his father was, why he was made a jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails, just a few of more to come in the future.

    21. Hatred, Peace and Belief - Naruto's first brush with feelings of intense hatred, the thought for true world peace and his understaning of his fallen master's belief in him to carry out his will and succeed.

    Chomei: Five Kage Summit - Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown (Waterfall)

    22. Reality and Understanding - Naruto coming to the understating and realities of Sasuke's becoming internationally wanted, what now drive Sasuke in his quest for vengeance, and the fact that he may have to face off and kill Sasuke, in order to prevent more chaos.

    23. Role - Learning from Tobi about how it would be Naruto's role and destiny to face Sasuke to the death, to continue the clash between the Will of Fire and the Curse of Hatred.

    24. Trauma - The shocking trauma Naruto endures from the order to kill Sasuke as a criminal, Sasuke's new found determination to destroy all who ever, in his eyes, crossed his clan and Itachi, Sakura's fake love confession, and his friends' decision to stop Sasuke at all cost, which causes him to black out.

    25. Reflection - Upon regaining consciousness and while heading to catch up with the rest of Team Seven as the faced off against Sasuke, Naruto reflects on what everything that's happened.

    26. Clarity - Once meeting up and clashing with Sasuke, Naruto gains clarity on what must be done about Sasuke for himself.

    27. Choices - With great clarity and reflection, Naruto concludes that he alone must face Sasuke to somehow save him from the path of evil and protect all he swore to protect as well, this is also the first of the choices he must make for himself and the heart to follow them thorough to the end, despite the protests and consequences.

    28. Forgiveness - During the first stage of his jinchūriki training with Killer B includes learning to forgive and let go of his anger and hatred that has build up throughout his life.

    Gyuki: Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown - Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax 29. Self-Confidence - Naruto gaining great self-confidence from those who believe in him: his parents and Jiraiya.

    30. Past - Naruto through gaining some mastery of his jinchūriki powers, learns of his mother, her and Minato's past, including the terrible tragedy that stole them and many other lives, along with shaped Naruto's life and the Uchiha's fate: Nine-Tails' Attack on Konoha.

    31. Limitations - Naruto knowing that that there are limits to what he can do by himself from Itachi and his failure.

    32. Consideration & Teamwork - From his clash with Itachi and Nagato, learns that he really shouldn't try to take on everything on his own and be willing to work with those who acknowledges and loves him to succeed and become Hokage.

    33. Names - Through his fight with Tobi, learns of the Tailed Beasts' names, gaining their respect, trust and power, including Kurama (Nine-Tails) and came to become true partners, mastering Kurama's powers at last.

    34. Present - Naruto has become determined to protect all now stand for, regardless of the past.

    35. Endurance - With Hinata's and Kurama's help, Naruto learns to endure Neji's death and more hardships, finally understanding that Ninja are meant to endure.

    36. Hope - Naruto, learns to hold on to hope, which in turn gives hope for the Alliance, including the return of Sasuke and his allies for the final battle.

    Kurama: Birth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki - Naruto the Last/Konoha Hiden

    37. Heart - Through his hardships, Naruto has become the heart of the alliance and their fighting spirits.

    38. Leadership - Naruto, as the heart, has proven his skills as a leader, and proven his potential for Hokage.

    39. Legacy - Naruto, through meeting Hagoromo, learns of the legacy he carries as Asura's latest reincarnation and the inheritor of the Sage's mission to bring world peace with Sasuke.

    40. Nexus - With the Sage's power and the combined power of the Nine Tailed Beasts, Naruto becomes the Perfect Jinchūuriki of the Tailed Beasts and with Sasuke's help, the rest of Team Seven and Obito's sacrifice, the stop Madara, Black Zestu and Kaguya for good.

    41. Brotherhood - Through one final battle with Sasuke, Naruto manages to win and expresses his thought to Sasuke as his brother, finally convinces him to abandon the path of evil.

    42. Future - With the Akatsuki's defeat and Sasuke's redemption, Naruto is truly ready for whatever else is in his future.

    43. Memories - During his mission to save Hanabi and the world with Hinata, Naruto would come to see her memories of her love for him and in turn his feelings for her.

    44. Family - For a long time, all Naruto would want deep down is a true family, and during the mission, he realizes the greatest family he could ever have is Hinata.

    45. True Love - The final lesson Naruto learns and masters in order to fully let go of his painful past and hardships is the true love he feels for Hinata, and through staring a new family with her, he finally becomes worthy of the title: Seventh Hokage and continue to promote peace through the world.

    What do you think?

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    • An Unknown Helper
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  • This is a response to the numbered conversation in if you want a frame of reference to this there is the link up there. Okay sorry this took so long, with that said lets get started :).

    1) Yup.

    2) I might be one of the few people who actually liked Naruto: The Last but that moment made me cringe. As much as like Hinata and dislike Sakura Naruto should have ended up with Sakura. Sakura could then have gone from worst character in the series to tolerable(well actually Karin is the worst). Virtually all of my problems relate to her relationship to Sasuke which would have been resolved if she didn't marry him and instead married Naruto. But anyway I better stop before the Sakura rant I feel coming on comes out of me again :).

    4) To be honest I don't think that moment where Sakura and Obito save Sasuke could undo all the damage shown prior. So the entire stabs Sakura made little impact on it overall at least in my opinion.

    When I first read the description of Naruto: The Last I read that the movie was about Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke, and Sakura in this "Romance" Movie that would set up the pairing shown in the Epilogue. So when I read it was just about Naruto and Hinata I was like, wait what? While I was disappointed in the movie I still liked it. But yeah I agree on that point that Sasuke should have been apart of the team, that's what I was led to believe in the beginning anyway and I really liked the idea.

    I think the thing SasuSaku was missing was something established very early on in the series. Remember shortly after Naruto and Sasuke accidentally kissed each other and Sasuke talked to Sakura? Sakura was like how bad Naruto is mainly because of a lack of parents to train him and how he is all alone. And then Sasuke ripped into her on it?

    The problem with the ship I believe is not the trying to kill each other bit(I jokingly say in the "defense" of the ship that they got the feeling of wanting to kill each other out of their system before getting married thus leaving them only room to improve) but rather that Sakura never learned what it was like to "truly be alone". Since that is a fundamental part of both Naruto and Sasuke, this leaves her in the position of never truly being able to understand either of them and thus leaves her at the level of “it is just a crush.”

    If she truly learned what it was to "truly be alone" then she could adequately judge Sasuke and Naruto for all they were. This is why I believe Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie should have been done in such a way that it could become a canonical movie. I'm not just saying this because I love the movie to death but also because Sakura developed significantly in the movie(more than she did in all the chapters/episodes of Naruto combined) and was actually one of my favorite aspects of the movie. And most importantly she learned what it was to "truly be alone".

    With such development she could actually understand both and not be defined by her sex drive. In the movie she truly understood what it was like for Naruto and actually grew to appreciate him more. I guess it was kinda a love letter to NaruSaku shippers as she gets to understand him, develop as a character, and on top of all that the movie easily eclipses Naruto: The Last. Its kinda funny Kishi says he's horrible at romance but yet Road To Ninja was better at it than Naruto: The Last and Road to Ninja was never meant to be that in the first place.

    But anyway back to the point I was trying to make with this she could actually realistically understand Sasuke and a relationship could realistically start between the 2.

    I personally don't believe a movie on the 2 of them is to much(as it needs a lot of development) but we will just have to agree to disagree on that point.

    Well to be honest the reason why its so important to me is actually very simple. It was one of the things the series established as very important. Naruto mentioned at the beginning of Part 2 that he always wanted his next meal from Ichiraku Ramen to be for when he became a Chunin. Since Naruto was Jonin levels at the time it was kinda already pointless to see him take the exams but I wanted to see it anyway. That never really changd for me. I wanted to see Iruka treat Naruto to Ichiraku after passing the exam. Even if its technically meaningless as being Hokage was already in the cards, I still wanted that. As for Sasuke someone needs to be there on his team(and Sasuke still being a Genin is kinda a joke) and to be honest it’s the perfect way to have the rematch between Naruto and Sasuke. I mean we all know they would be the final 2. Besides wouldn't it be funny to see Naruto have issues with the first part of the test again even after becoming a god level shinobi who is already married and has a kid(or will soon have) on the way? I really want to see that. I personally am upset I never got to see that dream of seeing him pass the exams fulfilled.

    Yeah I know, it’s a rare opinion but I do have that. I will also say that while he was always high on my list when the mask was on, he wasn’t my favorite character ever until he actually took the mask off which is perhaps an even rarer opinion. You see I think it all comes down to how Kishi writes. I think it is common knowledge Kishi uses 3 general molds for characters, the underdog with hidden untapped potential, The Kunoichi who gets little to no development, and then the prodigy who grasps stuff easily and reaches his full potential very fast. In this little mold he plays to the audience’s wanting the underdog to win and has them be good guys, examples of this are like Might Guy, Rock Lee, Jiraiya, and Naruto. The Kunoichi is pretty much anyone female character you can name Tsunade, Sakura, Hinata etc. Examples of the final mold would be Orochimaru, Neji, Gaara, Nagato, Madara etc. In almost all these cases the underdog becomes friends with the prodigy and then all of a sudden the prodigy takes a dark turn and goes evil. This is something I grew to expect. Kishi only ever broke this stereotype once and that was with Obito. Obito is the underdog of his group and yet he became a villain something no other underdog ever did in the series. Also the type of villain Obito is intrigues me(I love to analyze characters to see how they tick), Obito’s reason for becoming a villain is complex and evolved over time from a boy lashing out at the world because of his loss to a villain who saw the world for what it was a horrible dark place. Plus the entire fact he only became a villain because no one was there to help him through the death of Rin really fascinates me.

    I’ll come back to the reasons I like Obito a lot latter. When I talk about Madara in like the next post all the reasons I like Obito will come out. As for your comment on Kaguya, I’m already feeling a lot more development for Kaguya just from this episode so my hopes are feeling a little more secure though I don’t know if you’re having the same feeling on this.

    Ah, I see. I might not participate in it a bit as I’m going to try to dodge as many spoilers until it comes out in the USA so I can watch it and be surprised by the twists. Though I certainly failed on the Last. Try reading stuff on Naruto and not finding spoilers its borderline impossible .

    1) Well let me at least explain my reason for liking Konan a lot. She is what Kishi was trying to do with Sakura but failed miserably at. Konan is strong and loyal a strong character in her own right. She was also arguably the most powerful female character shown up to that time being able to kill Obito(albeit he was able to comeback because of Izanagi) the most powerful character alive at the time(the only people who contested him were all dead). She also is a female character not defined by the men in her life which I think is pretty impressive considering we are talking about Yahiko and Nagato. And also unlike Sakura, Hinata, Ino, and virtually all the other female characters she is also not defined by her liking of a guy. Plus as the last point her romance with Yahiko was actually very well done(which is surprising since this is Kishi we’re talking about) just like with Shikamaru and Temari the seeds were just planted and left to grow on their own. 3) I know that was Nagato’s plan I was just trying to illustrate certain things like how to make the ending slightly better. If it was nations fighting nations Obito, Sasuke, Kabuto, and Orochimaru all getting off does make more sense as they are world leaders just like the Kage. Then in the end you could have Kabuto running the orphanage instead of ruling his nation he chooses to instead retire to the orphanage. You see where I’m going with this? Plus to be honest I’m still wondering what happened to the Sound Village, it didn’t just drop off the edge of the planet did it?

    I agree I sometimes am also kinda ashamed to be a “Naruto Fan” because I’m like “Well we’re not all like those people over there”. A big portion of the Naruto fanbase have even undercut how good Naruto actually is. They treat it like “just go into it for the fights don’t expect anything else” as if there is nothing else to like. They’re like well if you want to watch a REAL anime watch something like Death Note or Fullmetal Alchemist(alongside its reboot Brotherhood). Naruto does have its appeal. What about we talk about its stellar cast of characters? While my Top 4 characters(possibly 5 haven’t really thought about it) are all deceased and that sucks there are plenty of other excellent characters around. Orochimaru, Kabuto, Naruto, Sasuke, all magnificent and well written characters who survived. How about the moral on revenge? That is the greatest showing of how revenge can mess you up in fiction bar none. Never to late to turn around and redeem yourself? Great! I love it, not enough stories can do that well.

    Instead of talking about that we hear “fans” talk about how “every villain gets talk no jutsued” despite the fact that only like 7 of like what 27 villains(minus all those villains like the ones in the Chunin Exams which bolster the numbers even higher) actually did turn around. They also say that it “doesn’t deserve to be considered great” because of the “number of plot holes being way to high”. I once talked with someone who complained the 2nd part of the series “sucked” because it went “philosophical” and didn’t do what it supposed to focus on the actual battles.

    You know I will admit a few things do bug me(the Curse of Hatred I have ranted about more times than I can count for example) but I think the thing that separates people like you and me from the rest is that we love Naruto for what it is warts and all. A lot of people got self-entitled and angry about how things ended(again the NaruSaku “fans” trying to ban Naruto in the USA I think is proof enough”) but in the end they forgot that it is in the end just a form of entertainment and if it doesn’t entertain just move on with your life. If it becomes more to you than that(like with me for example) then great welcome to the club, there is a lot to love here, it has excellent action, good albeit sometimes predictable plot, an excellent cast of characters, an excellent set of morals that it teaches very well, and who knows it might just surprise you with a lesson that it is teaching that can help improve your personal life.

    Anyway sorry for the somewhat big response to your last paragraph. My response to your other posts are on the way. Just decided to do this bit first and put it on your wall.

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    • To be honest, I actually kind of forgot about this one. I was more focused on the other discussion, and then finally finishing the Naruto vs. Sasuke part (BTW, you saw I finally did it, right?). Now that this is done, I'll try to get to it soon before I leave on August 7th. Look forward to talking with you!

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    • Yeah I kinda forgot about it too, just wanted to get my thoughts on that out of the way. I'm so focused on responding to the other conversation I'm not hitting the hay until its done :).

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    • Well if that's including the Naruto vs. Sasuke bit, then you have more strength than me. I spent two days doing that, with a good majority of today being spent with that (doing the discussion, reading chapters, watching videos, finding links, etc). I wouldn't hold it against you if you couldn't get that done- it's pretty ridiculous. Hey, but at least all the bases are covered now. All that's left is to get yor opinions ;)

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    • Okay Blue, here's the response to this part. And like I said before, you don't have to hurry with this one either since I won't be doing anything until the 15th. But even then, I'm looking forward to continuing it later in the middle of August!

      2) You're not alone- I liked it very much! Right now, it's the best Naruto film, although I do believe the Boruto film will surpass it (after all, Kishimoto did say that Sasuke was more of the main character than Boruto). And while NaruSaku possibly made much more sense, I still prefer the way it ended. Sakura is already a lost cause, so all she can really do is admit it and then try to improve in the future (which she did for me- I actually thought she was tolerable in Gaiden).

      4) No, it wasn't enough to undo all the damage, although it did seem to point things in the right direction.

      That is a very good observation you made, and admittedly one I haven't thought about in too great detail. Sakura always aid that she knew what true loneliness was like after Sasuke left, but she still didn't know a damn about what that felt like. She still had Naruto, her parents, and other friends around her at these times. And that is another reason why Road to Ninja is a great Naruto film.

      What I meant was more that I just don't see a film devoted to the two of them ever happening. I'd like to see it, but it's very unlikely. However, I wouldn't be opposed to a possible filler arc in the anime during the gap between #699 and #700.

      That's actually a pretty good reason for wanting to see them take the Chunin Exams. In all honesty, I completely forgot about the part with Naruto and Iruka, so I understand now why you would want to see that. Also, like you said, odds are that Naruto and Sasuke would face off against each other in the final rounds. Even though the final fight we got in the manga was the fight that all the fans wanted to see (I don't think anyone can deny that), it was still not the fight Naruto wanted to have. He even admitted it during the battle. So a friendly match to see who is superior in the Chunin Exams is probably exactly what what he would want. It would be great if something like that possibly happened in the anime in some sort of filler or whatnot.

      I have to tell you that you would be excellent on a debate team, as your small argument on Obito actually sold me, and I understand why he could be considered your favorite character. I still have my issues with him which would take too long to list, but overall, I do like him more than I dislike him. Again, that would take too long to explain why I like him, so I'll just leave it at that (and if you can't tell already, I've been typing all day, so I'm pretty drained at this point xD).

      Yep, I have the exact same feelings. I still prefer Madara, but I am eagerly anticipating Kaguya to see how she is improved.

      Yeah, I know. I've already read so many spoilers on Boruto. But I don't mind too much- spoilers don't bother me. I don't want to wait until October to know what happens. Speaking of which, are you going to go see the film? Also, have you read any of the spoilers yet (especially that Orochimaru one)?

      1) Like the Obito argument, I see where you're coming from. Those were pretty much my thoughts on Konan as well, but you just took the time to actually vocalize them. Thank you for that! xD

      3) Yeah, I get it now that I reread the discussion. At first I forgot what we were talking about, but now it made more sense. Regarding the Sound Village, it was never really a concrete village like the other ones, and more of like a collection of small hideouts that Orochimaru had. With Orochimaru free to do whatever he wants, I wouldn't be surprised if it's still out there to this day.

      You pretty much vocalized my opinion about the Naruto fandom. Since I'm pretty beat, I'm not going to elaborate on it too much. You summed it up perfectly. The only thing I have left to add is to avoid Naruto Forums at all cost!

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    • An Unknown Helper
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