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  • Hey Narutofox- whatever happened to showing us your new images that you created with that software game of yours (sorry, I still don't completely understand it tbh)?! 

    The time has come for our greatest discussion to begin. The series overview has been revived, and I can't wait to read your thoughts on the Naruto series! Here is the link. Not only is this supposed to serve as a place to discuss our favorite moments of the series, but it's also an opportunity to reunite with all of our old friends that we have strayed away from with the end of the series. There is no better time for this than this holiday season. Looking forward to getting back in touch with you! Take care, and have a great day!!! :D

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    • An Unknown Helper
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  • In case you didn't know, I left you a reply that continued our discussion. Anyhow, one important part was three questions I left to try to get to know you better since you've been around and contributing for awhile now. In case you don't see the other message, let me leave those questions here:

    1. Who is your favorite character(s)?

    2. What is your favorite fight?

    3. What is your favorite arc/point of the story?

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    • Whoops, sorry about that. I guess I missed that XD, I will post it there as well.

      1. My favorites are Sasuke, Madara, Obito, Itachi, Kurama, Kakashi, Neji. Those I can say that I like for most of their appearances, for specific parts would be Gaara during the Chuunin Exams up to hill get TNJ by Naruto, and Rock Lee in Part 1, but I like Lee in his spinoff for his Part 2 side.

      2. My favorite fight overall was Sasuke Vs. Danzo, it featured Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Summoning Jutsu. It developed Sasuke's Susanoo fighting style, and was literally a battle fought with eyes. It was also battle of ideals in the sense that it was darkness vs darkness, it showed what Sasuke is willing to do to achieve his goals and how insanely happy he gets when he achieves it. Also seeing how Susanoo progresses from just a small rib cage to a complete being was very nice.

      3. My favorite point is the Fourth War, a majority of the characters have been affected by War, it's forcing the immature to mature, gaining closure from the dead, that it being a war, people are dying and not just White Zetsus. Though I wish more named characters died, at least it seems like the war will affect them for the rest of their lives.

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    • No need to apologize. :)    I'll leave my response on the other discussion now... 

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    • An Unknown Helper
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