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  • Hello , how are you , i wish you are good , sorry for my annoyance .

    I want to know the colour of Kakashi's Susano and the source of your answer 


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    • Unfortunately, Kakashi's Susanoo's color hasn't been revealed yet. We need to wait until it appears in the manga before we can see an official concept. Mostly because the series ended before it was featured in any concept pages on chapters, so the anime is all we have. Hopefully their color is the same as what Kishimoto wanted.

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    • mmmm thx mr Omega

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  • I think either Kishimoto or Kubo is the inventor of fillers.

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  • Which one is the strongest of the following?


    2.Mangekyou Sharingan



    5.Rinne Sharingan


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    • is juubi also an eye 

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    • Well, yes and no. The Rinne Sharingan originally belongs to the Shinju alone, but then Kaguya gained one on her forehead by eating the Forbidden Chakra Fruit. Afterwards, she fused with the Shinju to make the Ten-Tails, so the beast does indeed have the Rinne Sharingan if that is what you mean.

      This is how Ten-Tails' Jinchuriki can activate Infinite Tsukuyomi without both Rinnegan. In the event a Jinchuriki doesn't have both Rinnegan, like in Obito's case, he can summon the Ten-Tails and transform it into the Shinju. Afterwards the Shinju itself can cast Infinite Tsukuyomi.

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  • I've been curious about this so I thought I'd ask you this question. Who are your favorite Hero and Favorite Antagonist?

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    • Well, first you have to understand that Obito was more trying to remove Minato from the scene so Kurama could destroy the village, more than he wanted to actually fight Minato. Also, Minato suspected Obito couldn't have Kurama summoned long, hence why Obito was rushed to try and beat Minato quickly.

      Obito's control over his Wood Release hasn't really been explored, it is unknown if he is at Hashirama and Madara's level, or even if he is at Yamato's level. He is capable of using it though.

      Also, we don't know if Obito had a second Sharingan at that time, if he didn't he couldn't activate Izanagi. Also, if you look at it, Obito seemed pretty confident he could beat Minato even without Izanagi. By the time Obito was found vulnerable, it was too late to activate Izanagi. That was the thing about Konan's fight with Obito, she gave Obito way too much time to activate Izanagi, because she was confident Kamui was the only way Obito could survive, and it wouldn't last long enough to survive the explosion.

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    • Well thanks for all the help and answering my questions. Been handy and fun. Thanks again!

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  • I made a new thread about this for when we decide to start talking about it after Gaiden...

    It's summer, which means we finally have the free time to get back to this! So it's been so long since our last discussion that most of the things addressed are probably irrelevant by now. However, the one thing I remember above everything else is the in-depth explanation of how I felt Sasuke's Rinnegan could put him on par with Naruto. Since it was something that was so interesting, I'd like to talk about that with you. Therefore, here is the exact same excerpt from Discussions #3 that all pertains to the Rinnegan. Since it's such a long piece of writing, I'm not rereading it, so if anything doesn't make sense in the current context, just ignore it. In addition to the points I brought up here, I've also thought of a few more explanations/examples, but I'll save them for later. When you get the chance, please get back to me on this- 


    I’ll try to go in-depth and specifically explain how a more advanced Rinnegan could put Sasuke on a whole new level. Keep in mind that this is also assuming that Naruto has his full power as well, in which case I do believe the battle would end with Sasuke’s back on the ground and Naruto still standing. But still, Sasuke’s proficiency of the Rinnegan would put him nearly on par with Naruto. Also, keep in mind that this is essentially off the cuff- I’m going off of straight memory, and so there may be some things here or there that I may forget. There also may be a few things I don’t explain in it’s entirety, but that would probably be more so because I believe you can fill in the gaps yourself with what I’ve provided- you’ve already proven how intelligent you are when it comes to this subject material.

    First of all, let’s remember what was stated back in #675. Obito told Sakura that if Madara gained both of his Rinnegan, he would become “truly terrifying.” From this, we can get the impression that Madara would be on a whole nother level- completely different than anything that would be shown in the series. In fact, it was clearly obvious that Madara was the most proficient Rinnegan user- even more so than Nagato, even though they both had two Rinnegan. The reason why Madara was so much better was because the Rinnegan were originally his own eyes, where as they were simply transplanted into Nagato. In a sense, this was some what shown in #676, but we obviously never got to see the full extent of Madara’s power. And as we both could tell, there was a lot more that Madara had in store that he never had the chance to use.

    The reason I brought this up is because we both acknowledged that even though it is only one eye, Sasuke’s Rinnegan is most likely superior to the standard two-eyed Rinnegan. This therefore means that Sasuke’s proficiency and overall strength when pertaining to the Rinnegan would even surpass Madara’s after getting both eyes (now again, it’s highly debatable if Sasuke could beat Madara after awakening the Rinne Sharingan- I personally don’t think so).

    I’d like to specifically talk about the attributes of Sasuke’s special Rinnegan itself. First and foremost, it has shown the ability to cast an amazingly impressive genjutsu which is probably one of the more powerful genjutsu we have seen in the series behind the Infinite Tsukuyomi (which I personally perceive as the greatest genjutsu of all time) and the original Tsukuyomi. Not only was he able to easily capture all nine of the Tailed Beasts with a single glance, but I also noticed an interesting theory that Sasuke was responsible for the flashback in the middle of #697, as it was possible it was Sakura who was dreaming about them as children due to Sasuke’s genjutsu. If anything, it makes me wonder if it’s almost like a light version of the Infinite Tsukuyomi, despite the fact that there are clearly several smaller differences. But anyways, back to his genjutsu skills, he was also able to easily knock at Sakura, who was said to be very adept in genjutsu herself. This makes me wonder just how far Sasuke’s Rinnegan genjutsu skills could adapt further on after training with it for a longer period of time. In fact, I believe it would even be possible to temporarily disrupt not only Naruto’s own chakra, but also the Tailed Beast chakra that lies within Naruto. Essentially, if this were possible, that would allow Sasuke to opportunity to attack externally, as he would be able to trap a Jinchuriki within genjutsu- a feat no other shinobi has accomplished.

    The other unique ability that only pertains to Sasuke’s Rinnegan is the Amenotejikara. This is a technique which I feel is often very underrated, as many believe it is basically just the same thing as Flying Thunder God or the simple Teleportation Technique. However, the very fact that Sasuke is able to shift others, in addition to himself, puts this technique on an entirely different level. I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ll say it again- I almost feel like this technique is basically Amenominaka Light. When you really compare the two, they are extremely similar- the only difference is that Kaguya can shift others from a longer amount of distance and when she does that, she transports them to her own pocket dimensions; however, Sasuke can only shift people at a set distance and can only transcend space and time within his own dimension, as he doesn’t have access to separate dimensions like Kaguya or Obito. Likewise, the use of surrounding objects also puts increases the threat of this technique, as it drastically increases the possibilities of what could be done with it. Essentially, the greatest use of this technique is a surprise attack, combined with a more powerful technique. With all the different uses, Sasuke could essentially come up with any opening and then use that short moment of surprise to launch a powerful move. Due to Naruto’s godlike speed, there are many scenarios in which this technique wouldn’t have an impact; however, Sasuke is smart enough to analyze the situation and knows when this would work to his benefit. In addition, I think Sasuke mastering the Rinnegan would also drastically increase this technique. Not only would his overall range increase, but he may be able to use it more than three times consecutively, as he would eventually adapt and overcome the limits of using the technique (similar to what he did with the Chidori, Amaterasu, and Susanoo- initially there were limits; now he can spam them whenever he wants).

    Next, let’s address some of the basics of the Rinnegan, and how they would pertain to Sasuke. First of all, this would allow Sasuke to easily master all six chakra natures. This could lead to Sasuke acquiring a large assortment of different techniques- many of them probably wouldn’t cause too much of a problem to Naruto, however it all depends on how Sasuke would implement them in battle, with many of them serving as either diversions or techniques used in a rapid continuum, which could either used offensively or defensively. With this ability alone, the sky's the limit

    Before going more in-depth about the core Six Paths abilities, I’ll address the Outer Path in this section first. With the Outer Path, Sasuke of course has the ability of using the Rinne Tensei, but since that’s not really relevant to the purpose of this discussion, I’m gonna breeze by it (though I’ll say this quickly without going too much in depth- due to how far Sasuke has progressed, I do think it would be possible for him to survive using the Rinne Tensei. I have an entire theory that I wouldn’t mind explaining another time if you’d like). He would also have the ability to control six different bodies, like what Nagato did, but this is another thing I doubt he would ever do. However, two key abilities of the Outer Path that could prove useful to Sasuke when fighting Sasuke is the chakra receiver rods and the Demonic Statue Chains. While the chakra receiver rods wouldn’t be useful against Naruto if he was using his Sage Chakra that he inherited from Hagoromo (meaning they would be better used in either the very beginning of the battle or after Naruto has run out of chakra), they would essentially be able to completely bind Naruto if he were careless. More dangerous, the Demonic Statue Chains have been shown to be able to completely suppress the power of the Tailed Beasts. Against Naruto, who has become the pinnacle of a Tailed Beast Jinchuriki, this would be a technique that would be extremely useful. Due to Naruto’s overwhelming power and especially his speed, it may prove difficult for Sasuke to accurately trap Naruto in such a dire circumstance, but it’s not impossible. I’d imagine this would be one of the elements in the fight Sasuke would plant in the early stages, and may pay off later.

    Let’s get the more bizarre Six Paths Techniques out of the way first, and then proceed in a descending order. Keep in mind, I believe Sasuke has the potential to use every single Rinnegan technique that was ever shown to be connected to the Six Paths Techniques, but these are just the few that wouldn't really fit with his fighting style. First of all, I just don’t see Sasuke using the Animal Path in any way in his battle against Naruto. While he could implement this ability to Aoda or his hawk, they already follow his orders to a tee, and so there would be no point. Likewise, while it would be awesome to see Sasuke use the mechanical elements of the Asura Path, this is the other one that doesn’t really fit Sasuke. If he was put into a dire situation, these two paths could prove to be a large help, but I don’t think they would really do much of a difference against Naruto.

    The Human Path and Naraka Path are pretty much grouped into the same category in the sense that they wouldn’t be utilized as much as the Deva or Preta Paths, but they are still much more useful than the previous two. As far as the Human Path is concerned, it’s prime use would come a time where Sasuke gets Naruto in an extremely vulnerable condition and wants to end the battle quickly, as this would allow him to extract Naruto’s soul, killing him instantly. The best time for this technique to be used would be if Naruto is either distracted with defending from another attack or if he is incapacitated by genjutsu or some other means. The Naraka Path would be primarily used if Sasuke ever suffered extensive damage, as it was shown that the user could be healed and/or restored by utilizing the King of Hell. Since Naruto’s techniques primarily pack a large punch, this would allow Sasuke a perfect counter and would enable him to fight for a longer period of time with constant regeneration. That said, I have always wondered just how extensive the regenerative powers of the Naraka Path extend to because if it also has the ability to restore Sasuke’s depleted chakra supply, then that could also boast an extremely useful necessity.

    The Preta Path is the second path of the core six that Sasuke would utilize the most, coming in very close behind the Deva Path. However, it could also be seen as the most important one of the six, as this is the ability that would allow Sasuke to stay on par with Naruto for an extended battle. Essentially, the Preta Path is Sasuke’s key power source. As referenced in both Nagato’s battle with Naruto and Killer Bee, as well as the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke, the Preta Path allows for the user to absorb chakra from their enemy and convert it into their own power source. Though Sasuke was able to do this a few times in the battle (in #696 with the Tailed Beasts, and then at the end of #697), he would definitely be able to accomplish even greater feats after completely mastering the Rinnegan. Though it may be tricky for Sasuke to actually get Naruto in a position where he can actually absorb his chakra, it is absolutely possible if he combines all these different techniques that I have and haven’t mentioned in this post. In a sense, this would actually even out the playing field, as Naruto always has a constant supply of chakra that will never run out that Sasuke would never be able to compete with on his own. If Sasuke would be able to utilize the Preta Path to take Naruto’s chakra supply for himself more so than he actually did in the actual fight, than that would definitely change the course of the battle significantly. The other attribute the Preta Path serves is that it also helps him avoid some of Naruto’s most powerful techniques, as he can use the Blocking Technique Absorption Seal to completely negate Naruto’s attacks. It’s impossible to guess the scale of techniques that Sasuke would be able to absorb, but we know he would at least be able to counter the average senjutsu enhanced Wind Release: Rasenshuriken, as that’s what Pain was able to do. Going with the theme that Sasuke’s Rinnegan is superior to the standard Rinnegan (which BTW will then serve to make him the best Rinnegan user in the series, as that’s the direction I see him going in), I’d be willing to be he may even be able to stop some of Naruto’s Tailed Beast Ball related techniques. But that’s just my own theory- there’s no evidence to actually prove that.

    The Deva Path would not only be Sasuke’s prime use of the Six Paths Technique, but it also has the most potential to pose a serious threat to Naruto. This mainly revolves around the three core techniques: Chibaku Tensei, Bansho Tenin, and Shinra Tensei. Let’s start with Chibaku Tensei, as we already know for a fact his Rinnegan is capable of using that technique. After perfecting his Rinnegan, the Chibaku Tensei could serve multiple purposes, from diversions to a finishing move. First of all, as Sasuke’s Rinnegan surpasses Madara’s, Sasuke would most likely be able to use it in the same sense that Madara did- creating multiple different satellites from many different black gravity spheres, essentially creating his own meteor shower. Recalling back to Madara’s battle, Naruto’s prime focus was dealing with the satellites, as their impact would cause major damage to both himself and the landscape. This is where the Chibaku Tensei could serve as a distraction, as Sasuke could use this opportunity to launch several attacks at Naruto while he is busy dealing with the man-made meteors. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that Sasuke has shown the ability to manipulate the satellites, meaning he could maneuver them in specific directions that may give Naruto more of a hard time. Also, a unique characteristic of Sasuke’s own Chibaku Tensei is that he has shown the ability to make particular object the gravity center as a substitute for the black orb. With that said, that means he could even make Naruto the gravity center, which would mean all of the debris would swarm and consume Naruto within it. Unlike the battle with Nagato where Naruto, Bee, and Itachi destroyed the satellite by allowing their techniques to be attracted up towards the gravity center, this is impossible in this scenario because Naruto himself is the gravity center (BTW, while I don’t think this would actually finish off Naruto, it would sure as hell give him a run for his money). Next, we have the Bansho Tenin. Of all the Deva Path abilities, this is the one that is least likely to have a profound effect on Naruto, as he has proven that he is able to counter the technique with his NIne-Tails Chakra arms. However, remember that this is all after Sasuke has mastered the Rinnegan, which most likely means his proficiency with the technique is superior to Nagato’s, meaning it may cause more of a threat. Now, we finally get to the Shinra Tensei (which happens to be my favorite Rinnegan technique, and if I had one Rinnegan technique I’d like to see from Sasuke in the anime fight, it would be this one). Before I proceed, recall what Pain was able to do to Konoha with his own Shinra Tensei. Now keeping in mind that Sasuke is leagues above Nagato and he has perfected the Rinnegan, imagine what he would be able to do. Essentially, if given the right opportunity, Sasuke would be able to destroy a large area of land with the devastating force, which would not only injure Naruto like during the Pain battle, but it would also counter many of Naruto’s projectile-based techniques, meaning that many of Naruto’s more powerful attacks may not even land a hit on Sasuke. The only real drawback to this technique would be the five second delay that would leave Sasuke vulnerable, but as you can see from this post, he has more than enough to defend himself in that time range. Plus, if he has perfected the Rinnegan, the time span of the recharge period could be significantly shorter, or maybe even non existent at all. With such a powerful ability at Sasuke’s disposal, this is almost enough to put Sasuke on Naruto’s level all by itself.

    Finally, there is just one more part about Sasuke’s Rinnegan that I want to mention, and it has to do with him combining all these powers with some of his other techniques. While there are many clever ways that he could combine these with some of his Fire, Lightning, or Blaze Release techniques, the more interesting one I want to talk about the most is the possibility of using these in conjunction with his Perfect Susanoo. Basically, I believe it’s possible to utilize these techniques through the Perfect Susanoo, which would largely increase their destructive capacity due to using the PS as a means of conveying the technique. The three prime examples of this is how Sasuke was able to use Chidori via the PS, how he managed to use the Preta Path to absorb all of the Tailed Beasts’ chakra, and finally how he used Amenotejikara to attack Naruto from behind in #696. This leads me to believe that the Rinnegan abilities may also be able to be used via PS, meaning that their overall destructive capacity and dangerous nature would be enhanced due to the complexion of PS. For example, this may allow Sasuke’s Shinra Tensei to destroy an entire country (similar in ways to what Pain did to Konoha), while he may be able to create a Chibaku Tensei satellite that even rivals the size of the moon.

    I hope you can kind of see where I’m coming from. The important thing to remember that all of what I have written is what would most likely happen if Sasuke mastered his Rinnegan to it’s completion. With all of these abilities (plus all of his other techniques, specifically EMS powers, that weren’t even mentioned), I truly believe this would put Sasuke on a level extremely close to Naruto, while maybe even being completely on par with him. Some of the things I said might cause some issues, and I’m willing to discuss it with you. But even so, this is just one of those things that I will probably believe adamantly, no matter what some of your explanations may be. Just know that going in before you respond.

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    • I was wondering if you wanted to wait further for the Boruto Movie? Especially since it seems like its the last Naruto we are going to get, which means it will be the last credible source we can use. Besides, it will give us something to do after the series ends.

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    • Sure, we can wait for some of those parts. Although like I said before, some of it doesn't really matter for a large majority of the discussion since the basic fundamentals have already been laid out. Hopefully there will be someone who can spoil the film like before so we don't have to wait so long. Are you thinking about going to see it in theaters in October? 

      Speaking of Rinnegan, here are some of Madara's movesets for NS4. Honestly, I believe this is the kind of thing we would have seen if Madara remained the final villain. Just imagine how good it could have been.

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  • Hi there! Been a while since I bothered you.

    I have a question regarding chakra :D so i thought to ask you straightaway since it's purely based on curiosity and assumption.

    I don't remember a character in Naruto that had a dojutsu + a hiden technique. So I was wondering, how much chakra would it take if one used their dojutsu while also use their hiden?

    For example...if Sakura's clan had a hiden and she marries Sasuke, whose clan has a dojutsu, this brings about Sarada inheriting his dojutsu and Sakura teaching her the hiden. So my question is, how much at a disadvantage would Sarada be?

    At first i thought that it would be like this; her chakra pool would be exceptionally large in order to handle the hiden and the sharingan, but then i started to think that hiden requires a lot of chakra as well as using the sharingan. So it's either this or that, I suppose...


    It might not have a straight answer but your view on it would be insightful. ^_^

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    • That's fine, I'd rather you ask me a question directly if you are unsure if it meets the guidelines or not. This message wall is so you can do just that, or just ask my opinion on stuff.

      To answer you question you first need to understand that Hiden jutsu are just regular jutsu, but they are practiced and kept secret by only a certain clan. So realistically, they don't consume any more chakra than other techniques do, its just the people who perform them are regulated.

      The amount of chakra a dojutsu uses is also depended on that persons skill with the dojutsu. New Sharingan users waste much more chakra with the dojutsu than experienced users do. Some Sharingan users are so skilled at use their dojutsu that they can keep it activated all the time, with minimal draw on their chakra supply. Itachi and Sasuke are examples of that.

      So a child with both Dojutsu and Hiden techniques are actually like the Hyuga Clan. Who uses the Byakugan to develop a special clan specific fighting style that they teach to each other.

      A child with both would first most likely struggle using both because of normal chakra control issues, but as they got older, the dojutsu would be easier to use, and thus they could improve their skill over their Hiden techniques. So, in their prime, it would be exactly the same as anyone else. They may even be able to develop combination techniques with their dojutsu.

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    • I'll keep that in mind, then. c:

      And thanks for explaining! I had always thought that hiden takes a lot more chakra than other jutsus for some reason, but I guess that's because I confused it with Kekkei Genkai at first as well.

      So I guess one with hiden & a dojutsu would be able to perform as any other shinobi without much difficulty except in the first few stages, yeah? As long as they're consistent with practicing their abilities, of course.

      qwe *o* thank you.

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    • Yeah, pretty much. Just because a technique is special doesn't mean it requires a lot of chakra. Some require really good chakra control, like the Yamanaka Clan techniques, but that is a different beast all together.

      Like I said, its all dependent on chakra control and reserves, and usually those get better with age.

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    • Oh I'm watching it in English Debbed.

      Thank's For warning. But i didn't what you mean ?

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    • I don't want to spoil it for you. Just finish Season 1 and you will know what I mean. Basically, if you aren't "mad" at the end of Season 1, and instead "like" how it ended, then don't watch Season 2.

      Basically, Season 1 is for those who are routing for Light, and Season 2 is for those routing for L.

      You need to decide which you are by the end of Season 1 if you don't want to get upset.

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  • Hello.

    After I have researched a lot, I found, Naruto's height is, genetically wrong. He was too short when he was 12-13 years old. 145.3 cm - 147.5 cm?! Even with parents having 5'5" and 5'10.5" of height respectively!

    I were 5'3" when I was 12 and 5'6" at 13. My parents are 5'2" and 5'8" respectively. Now tell me how can Naruto be shorter than me whose parents are taller than that of mine? Also, he's 166 cm at 15-17?! Just only 1 cm taller than his mom.

    In epilogue he's 180 cm but still he could be taller.

    According to me he should be,

    At 12-13 - 163.1 cms - 165.2 cms

    At 15-17 - 176 cms

    At epilogue - 185 cms

    Back to Sasuke and Sakura.

    These twos height are also not correct according to genes.

    Their parents are also taller than mine too! 

    The Haruno's are the tallest. Sakura's mother towers my dad by 5 milimetres.

    So here's how would they be.

    Sasuke(well he would be shorter than Naruto):

    At 12-13 : 161.9 - 164.7 cm

    At 15 - 17 : 171 cm

    Epilogue : 182 cm (This one correct)


    At 12 - 13 : 157 cm - 160 cm

    At 15 - 17 : 165 cm

    Epilogue: 173 cm


    Kishimoto has bad idea about heights.


    All heights are not 100 % accurate.

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    • Actually, the heights are accurate according to the databooks, which is what we base them on.

      Please note that Japanese children and adult aren't always as tall as American or perhaps even Indian men. Naruto is really sort for his age at 12 and 13, hence why he is mocked for his height in Part I, often called "kid" or "shorty" because he was even shorter than the girls in his class.

      As an adult, he isn't very tall either, but by the Epilogue, he'd grown to an average male height, this just shows that Naruto didn't do all of his growing until after he was 17, which isn't abnormal, some men. myself included keep growing even into their 20s.

      When I was 12 I was 5"0, but I grew 5 inches that year, so I actually became tall for my age, when I was Naruto's age I was 5"7, and I kept growing until I was 20, when I became 6"0. Everyone grows in different cycles, some of us are short when we are young and tall when we are older. Naruto becomes an average male height, so as far as I am concerned, its not all that strange, especially since he is around his father's height.

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    • K thanks anyways. Cleared the doubt.

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  • Can a daimyou destroy a whole hiden village if the village starts a coup and with what can they destroy the village

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    • It all depends on loyalty. That is the key. The shinobi village is the central location for all military activity, the shinobi make up the bulk of the Daimyo's forces. With the shinobi, the Daimyo has very few really protectors.

      So a Daimyo couldn't really order a destruction of a hidden village, because the hidden village is his forces. Honestly though, if a Daimyo did do that, the shinobi would rebel and kill him and his forces. The Lord of more of a figure head than an actual lord, he doesn't have much real authority outside of his assets. Just like in real life, if the Queen of the United Kingdom ordered an attack on Parliment, they would rebuke her, because her only real power is the power they give her, the loyalty of the people through tradition. Most leadership position are like that.

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    • i asked this because in the naruto movie the will of fire a daimyo threatens tsunade to avoid shinobi world war 4 or else they would destroy konoha but anyway thanks

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    • You shouldn't trust the plot in those movies, they aren't direct canon. No daimyo has the authoriy or manpower to destroy Konoha, its far to big and powerful.

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  • I'm sorry for posting that stuff. I'm just really bored and was looking for stuff to do. I won't do it again.

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