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  • Yeah, I understand the physics, it's just that ever since I have started following the series I have understood one thing - and that is the author doesn't love physics.

    I remember when Obito was about to the Coffin Seal and Minato teleported to his mark, just before the teleportation he was running and in Biju Mode I must note so the speed had to be considerable, meaning it couldn't have just been that stopped. I always pictured Hiraishin as if when teleporting it "sucks" the user into the space-time(like the force forms 90 degree angle with the vector of the momentum) crack and then drops them ABOVE the destined mark, so all the momentum is gone.

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  • Even nowdays the fanbase still debate about who is the strongest hokage,in Part 1 it was stated by kabuto and iruka to be hiruzen,but in part 2 it was clearly stated that it was hashirama,So i'm confused in this one,did kishimoto changed his mind on that matter?because for what hiruzen has showed the whole manga he was clearly inferior than hashirama was.

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    • No, he explains the reasoning behind the change in facts. The problem is that the fanbase takes things too literally, so they end up confusing themselves.

      Here are the facts. Hashirama is the stronger Hokage. Him just exerting his chakra is enough to make even Hiruzen shake in fear.

      The reason Hiruzen is attributed as being the strongest Hokage, is because as Kabuto explained later on, no one really understood how strong Hashirama was. His powers were so great they were like something out of a fairy tail, like the Sage of the Six Paths.

      As such, Hiruzen was attributed as the strongest because he had a realistic level of power. Not as overwhelming as say Hashirama or Madara, but still grand enough that he surpassed his peers in the Five Great Nations.

      So really, there wasn't recon, rather Kabuto simply said that people just underestimated Hashirama, and gave him too little credit.

      You really started to see how little even his family understood his power, because Tsunade didn't even understand how her grandfather could fight Madara, when Madara's power was so overwhelming it was too much for all five of the Five Kage.

      Now, Hiruzen was the strongest Kage of his generation. In fact, he very well may have been the strongest shinobi since Hashirama, until Naruto took the position, to even become Hokage, stronger than the Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth, during his prime of coarse.

      Both Minato and Kakashi were on track to surpass prime Hiruzen, but Minato died before then, and Kakashi's abilities are unknown following the war. For all we know eventually Kakashi surpassed a prime Hiruzen.

      However, Naruto was the only Hokage to ever surpass Hashirama. So, all in all, neither Hashirama nor Hiruzen are the strongest Hokage, Naruto is.

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  • Why was Naruto treated like family at Ichiraku?

    I can understand the Hokage and Iruka treating Naruto like a human being, due to Naruto's parents' dying wish and having a similar background, respectively. But Teuchi and Ayame, other than for business, had nothing to gain from Naruto. I'm not saying that they should treat Naruto badly, but I am just curious as to why they didn't shun him like everyone else did.

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    • That's actually not true. Orochimaru and Sasuke did respect him. After Naruto used his Rasengan for the first time in battle, Orochimaru even admitted that there was much more to Naruto than met the eye, that was the whole reason he sought to kill him, to prevent Akatsuki from getting him.

      Sasuke also acknowledged Naruto long before most people did. He just didn't "publically". Sasuke admitted in their last fight that Naruto's determination touched him, and he actually respected Naruto a great deal. It was just Sasuke's own pride and his own insecurities that caused him to keep Naruto at a distance. He admitted that he saw Naruto as a friend, but he felt he had to be better, because he owed his family the vengeance they deserved.

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  • Hey man, it's been awhile. How have you been? It's been quite awhile since I've been on here, and I'd love to catch up with you. I've got a bunch to say, but I'll save it for later.

    In all honesty, part of the reason why I've been gone for so long is because I've started moving on. Not only has my real life been the busiest its ever been, but I've also started looking into different forms of entertainment. However, since Storm 4 is coming out soon, as well as the Itachi anime and the Boruto manga eventually, I've been brushing up on some Naruto content for these past two weeks. As such, I've found a bunch of stuff I'd love to present you with a little later. 

    And what better way to get back into this series than talking about what is my favorite element of the story. However, before that, I must acknowledge that the Sasuke character analysis I wanted to do in the past will probably never happen. Not only because of my limited time, but also because there's not really a community for it anymore (I'm debating whether or not to continue the Episode Discussions when the canon material returns; while there probably won't be any comments, I've always enjoyed doing it just for the sake of voicing an opinion). Though I'd like to do something extensive eventually, it most likely won't be in the near future. Therefore, instead of doing some large, in-depth analysis, I'd like to get your opinion on a mini-discussion I created awhile back. Once this is done, if there are any of your favorite characters that you would like to follow suit, I'd be happy to oblige. Here you go- 

    Over the course of the series, the character of Sasuke Uchiha has gone through many different mental, physical, and emotional transitions. This has resulted in the creation of many different personas within one character. Some are better; some are worse. Therefore, which version of Sasuke was the best? Choose from the following options:

    • Rival Sasuke- this is the version of Sasuke who primarily appeared in Part I., and served as the main foil/rival for Naruto's character. This is from the very beginning of the series, up until his first meeting with Itachi.
    • Vengeful Sasuke- this is the version of Sasuke who became very jealous of Naruto, and left Konohagakure to obtain power from Orochimaru. This is from when he first fought Naruto on the hospital roof, up until the moment where he defeated Naruto at the Valley of the End.
    • Hebi Sasuke- this is the version of Sasuke that appeared at the beginning of Part II, and occurs over the course of forming his own team, battling Deidara, and defeating Itachi. This is from when he first reunites with Team 7, up until the moment where he learns the truth about Itachi/obtains the Mangekyo Sharingan.
    • Evil Sasuke- this is the version of Sasuke that invades the Five Kage Summit, sacrifices Karin to kill Danzo, and vows to destroy Konohagakure. This is from when he battles Killer Bee, up until the moment when he meets Edo Tensei Itachi in the forest.
    • Confused Sasuke- this is the version of Sasuke who's goals became very conflicted after meeting Itachi once more, and he decided to rethink his overall purpose in life. This is from when he and Itachi battled Kabuto, up until the moment when he decided to protect Konohagakure.
    • Revolution Sasuke- this is the version of Sasuke who reunited with Team 7 to defeat the Ten-Tails, Obito, Madara, and Kaguya, and who ultimately decided to start his own shinobi revolution, until he was defeated by Naruto in their final battle. This is from when he arrived on the battlefield and declared that he wanted to become Hokage, up until the moment when he admitted defeat to Naruto.
    • Vagabond Sasuke- this is the version of Sasuke who decided to journey around the world in order to atone for his sins. This is from when he and Naruto ended the Infinite Tsukuyomi, up until the point where he started a family with Sakura.
    • Adult Sasuke- this is the adult version of Sasuke, who travels around the world in order to search for a mysterious Otsutsuki threat, and eventually becomes Boruto Uzumaki's mentor. This is from the end of the series (#700), up until the Boruto film and beyond.


    My ranking is as follows-

    1) Revolution Sasuke- this was always the path I wanted Sasuke's character to go on. It always made sense to me that Sasuke would strive to prevent another incident like the Uchiha Massacre from ever happening again, and inciting a shinobi revolution seems like the most logical conclusion for his character. Not only are some his beliefs similar to my own, but my personal favorite battle of the series (Naruto vs. Sasuke VOTE Rematch) occurs during this stage. Also, as I love when a character's goals remain a mystery, I was constantly on the edge of my seat to understand what Sasuke's definition of a 'Hokage' was. Of course, I wish the main event of Sasuke's revolution was expanded more than just the final eight chapters, but I am still satisfied nonetheless.

    2) Adult Sasuke- this is ultimately what I always imagined an adult Sasuke becoming, and I am glad my vision was completed. Sasuke is not a family man, and so it always made sense that he would be out on missions. However, now that the main threat has been eliminated, hopefully he can begin to build stronger relations with his family. In addition, Sasuke has reverted back to his former Part I self, yet much wiser and clearly more powerful. I tend to think that his adult version has become the perfect mix of Itachi Uchiha and Madara Uchiha.

    3) Hebi Sasuke- to be frank, this version of Sasuke is just a plain bad-ass. At the time, he appeared to be the most powerful character in the series, but he never seemed too delusional or power-crazy. Even when facing powerful adversaries such as Orochimaru, Deidara, and Itachi (which are all some of my favorite battles in the series), he never lost his cool, and it was here more than ever that he implemented excellent strategies into his battle tactics. Finally, his reaction to the truth of Itachi was very emotional, and though I find his decision of destroying Konoha problematic, I do believe it was an understandable reaction to the situation.

    4) Vagabond Sasuke- though this is easily the version of Sasuke we know the least about, it is also the most intriguing one. Like what I said for Adult Sasuke, I always figured that Sasuke would travel around the world in order to atone, and so I was very happy to see my wishes come to fruition. Based on what I read about Sasuke Shinden, it seems as if this is a period in time where Sasuke struggles to come to terms about if he has made the right decision to make amends with Naruto. While it's not a large focus, it's still extremely interesting. Also, I must say that Sasuke's design in The Last is one of my favorite character designs in the series (I love the poncho and his makeshift headband). More than anything, I myself have always wanted to travel around the real world and learn from the experience; so it's possible that I am vicariously living through a fictional character until I have the opportunity in life to do the same.

    5) Vengeful Sasuke- this is the first time in Part I where I felt that Sasuke actually began to develop his own character outside of a typical Shonen mysterious rival that the main character has to overcome. It is during this time that we learn the full extent of the hell that Sasuke has endured in his life, and it was the first time where we can begin to sympathize with him for wanting to achieve power. Also, as I am studying for a psychology major at my university, I find this side of Sasuke very interesting to analyze. I could spend hours diagnosing Sasuke's different behaviors during this time period. Finally, this was the first time when Naruto and Sasuke's conflict finally began to become a very important part of the story.

    6) Evil Sasuke- though I still find much enjoyment in this side of Sasuke, this is the point in the list where I start to find some flaws in Sasuke's characterization. That being said, let's get the good out of the way first. The primary reason why I enjoy this Sasuke is that it was very enthralling to see Sasuke sink so deep into the darkness. It was an excellent way to further drive home the conflict with Naruto, as it would have been amazing to see him save Sasuke after he had fallen so far (though, that obviously did not happen). Also, once Sasuke actually sacrificed Karin, it truly demonstrated how unpredictable he had become. Finally, this is when Sasuke's most powerful abilities began to develop, specifically the Susanoo. However, my main problem here is that I do believe many of his motives are completely irrational. And all though Sasuke knew that this would be completely against Itachi's wishes, he nevertheless continued down such a dark path (although, I'm pretty sure that is exactly what Kishimoto was trying to do). As opposed to destroying the village, it made more sense for Sasuke to kill Danzo and the village elders. Though despite this, I can't completely fault this, as it would not have had such a dramatic impact on the story, and the very fact that Sasuke is thinking so irrationally is what Kishimoto was trying to portray at this stage.

    7) Rival Sasuke- to be clear, this version of Sasuke is not bad by any means. The reason why it is so low on the list is simply because there was not much to Sasuke's actual character at this time other than the fact that he was the popular guy who rivaled Naruto. While there was certainly mystery surrounding him, it wasn't as compelling at this point in the story as it became later on. So essentially, even though he was a solid character at this point in time, there just wasn't enough substance from his character outside of being the "talented, cool guy."

    8) Confused Sasuke- easily the worst version of Sasuke is when he was in his state of perpetual confusion. In fact, I struggle to find any elements I like at all during this stage. The best moment I can think of is basically his reunion with Itachi, as it was one of the most heartwarming scenes in the entire series. However, there are so many problems with this stage that it would take forever to explain. The largest issue is probably the fact that this completely erased all of the progress that Evil Sasuke was making. To many, losing Evil Sasuke completely mitigated the impact of the final battle, and to some extent, I agree (although upon reflection, I do prefer the Revolution conflict much more). Also, it really doesn't make sense that Sasuke would change his mind so quickly and in such a drastic method. While I can believe that Itachi's words had a large impact on Sasuke, I find it hard to believe that Hashirama's story was enough to completely change Sasuke's ideology. So yes, this is easily the worst version of Sasuke in the series.

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    • Wow, you sure came back with a vengeance. In all honestly, I've been sort of phasing out to. I'll probably still be here at least until the canon ends. Who knows? The new Boruto series might end up being a hit, and the series might continue much longer.

      My life has also just gotten more busy, so I've had less time for stuff like this.

      I do like the idea of separating Sasuke's character into parts, because he makes so many changes, he almost does become different characters.

      Hebi Sasuke is probably my favorite Sasuke, because he wasn't cruel, but at the same time he just got stuff done. It's like when he was attacked by Deidara and Tobi, he didn't even say anything or make a face, just sliced Tobi in half.

      This is where I sort of always felt Sasuke belonged. Sasuke was very good showing little emotion, because we get so much of that from Naruto already. So it's refreshing when Sasuke acts the exact opposite, especially since he is to be Naruto's proper foil.

      This is as best Sasuke gets as a foil, without becoming a true antagonist. Sort of an anti-hero.

      Now, I don't know quite if I'd considered Evil Sasuke and different person then say Confused Sasuke or Revolution Sasuke, because each is still being drived by their hate. The latter two are just struggling for a source. Sasuke ultimately choses the system and all that represent it as the target of his hate. Hence why he showed such malice towards the Tailed Beasts, the Kage, and Naruto, because of what they represent.

      I like Adult Sasuke too, but he would be even better if he retained some of that Hebi Sasuke coldness, which he sort of did, but at the same time did not. I also would like a more competitive feel to Naruto and Sasuke than what was in the movies, because ultimately, their rivalry is the only reason to keep them strong.

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  • Why Tobi manage to put Bijuu into Edo Tensei Jinchuriki when Madara needed to revive completely to be a Jinchuriki?

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    • He was using the Gedo power of the Rinnegan to bind them, but as Son Goku explained, they were still inside of the Gedo Statue. That is why when Naruto removed the chakra receivers, which were the mediums, the beasts were dragged back inside of the Gedo Statue, because, as Son said, they were still sealed within it.

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    • So it's really impossible to have a Edo Tensei Jinchuriki?

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    • Pretty much, what Tobi did was pretty much the closest thing.

      Kabuto did something like that with Blue B in the anime, but that was non-canon, sort of turning him into a Pseudo-Jinchuriki of sorts.

      Truth be told, Tobi's versions are about just as strong, but they are difficult to control, just not true Jinchuriki.

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  • Omega why there is times that I try to do a question,the question doesn't appear to anyone to answer?

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  • When guy hit madara with the first step of sekizo why did madara tell himself that taking 4 or 5 of those would be bad when after that guy hit him again and nothing happened to madara?

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    • Omega, I think you need to create a blog on who's stronger between the two although I already read your opinions about it. :)

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    • I don't really have time to do a blog or really give a comprehensive answer like this would entail.

      If you want to know my answer, I feel Naruto is stronger. As for my reason, that will have to wait.

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  • Do you know/is there evidence that Naruto ever changed the Hyuuga like he said he was going to? Such as no more curse marks on the branch family? What is his position now within the clan since he has married Hinata? Hinata is no longer the head of the family, since it is now Hanabi, so what is his position? Is he considered a member of the clan?

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    • He never needed to. As it turned out, his battle with Neji was all it took.

      After Neji fought Naruto, Neji and the Main Family were able to reconcile. This was very important, because Neji represented the bridge between the Main Family and the Branch Family.

      Besides being the closest in blood to the Main Family, Neji is a very unique position in the family, as he is the current head's nephew and the current heiress's cousin. In addition, Neji was also the strongest member of his clan, even stronger than the Main Family.

      So, thanks to Neji and Hinata, Hiashi told Hizashi that the Hyuga Clan was changing, thanks to Neji's strength and Hinata's kindness, and that there was not a Main Family and Branch Family on the battlefield, but one single family, the Hyuga.

      Now, whether the Main and Branch Family categories were completely abolished or not is never spoken of, but it is sort of implied that the Main Family and Branch Family will cease to exist and they will go back to one clan. In addition, with Kakashi and Naruto as Hokage, the world became much more peaceful, which would eliminate the eventual need for the Hyuga Juinjutsu.

      So, much will change without Naruto doing anything, but if you want to know his status in the clan, we can talk about that.

      Now, if Hinata never re-obtained her heiress role, it would make her the sister of the heiress, so she and her children would be apart of the Branch Family. This makes Naruto the husband of a Branch Family member, not just any member though, the one with the closest blood relation to the Main Family. In other words, should Hanabi's family line cease, then Naruto and Hinata's children will become the Main Family. Basically, their children will be to Hanabi's family, what Neji was to Hiashi's family. Like I said above, this is a very important role as it bridges the Main and Branch Families, assuming they still exist, and Naruto holds the delicate position of running that family line.

      Now, it's also possible Hinata re-claimed her status as heiress after the war, it's not really specified. Technically, Hinata and Hanabi's status as heiress is left unclear after the Last, as it is exceptionally obvious that Hinata is by far the strongest Hyuga to ever live since Hamura himself. In short, it would be stupid not to restore her to her position as heiress, considering it's her birth right anyway.

      If Hinata became heiress again, it would mean she will eventually become the Clan Leader if she isn't already, and her children are the Main Family, not a Branch Family. This doesn't seem to be the case, considering they live as a single family in a single family home, not on the compound. However, it's possible Hinata goes to the compound for "work", and they simply live in their home to give Boruto and Himawari a sense a "normalcy". After all, Naruto is the Hokage, so the family could live in the Hokage Mansion as well, where previous Hokage have lived.

      So, if Hinata is the Clan Leader, then she can rule the clan as she pleases, so Naruto would be a "Lord" of the clan because of his marriage to the Clan Leader, similar to say someone like Sai, who married Ino. Which would give him some pull that way.

      However, honestly, Naruto's biggest connection with the clan is that he is the Hokage. Lord Hokage has control over all the clans and can lead them how he pleases.

      That is sort of the overlooked ability of the Hokage, is that he is basically the Leader of the Clan Leaders. After all, that was how the position started, the Clan Leaders originally ruled Konoha as equals, with Hashirama and Madara having the most influence, but chose one of their members to rule overall, that was the Hokage. The Clan Leaders then included all Jonin into their mix and became the Jonin Council, because most Clan Leaders were Jonin anyway.

      So the Hokage has complete control over the Hyuga, they usually just let them rule as they please though. However, if Naruto wanted to suspend some of their traditions, because he felt it weakens them and thus the village, he can do so, and the Hyuga couldn't stop him. So basically, Naruto is under Hanabi/Hinata "blood-wise", but over them "politically". So although Hanabi might be the Clan Leader, Hinata's Branch Family has the ultimate power over her because of Naruto. Pretty much, if every clan is a kingdom and the village is an empire, "the younger princess became queen, and the older married the emperor and became empress".

      So, it's not a question really whether he's done it or not, because, Naruto can do whatever he wants basically, the question is if the clan members accept his rulings, and, based on the state of the clan at the end of the war and during the Last, it's pretty apparent they probably have suspended the branch families and the juinjutsu by now, whether Naruto had something to do with it or not.

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  • So, I was bombarding you with all this questions and decided to ask you through your wall instead of filling up the wiki(btw, sorry if I have started to grate on your nerves, I'm just a bit confused with this colors, and thanks for answering all of my questions).

    If Nature Energy is colorless then what exactly did Gamakichi see when Fukusaku was collecting it, to lift the toad statue, or Naruto when first using THE OIL?

    When a dojustu wielder switches to the "chakra spectrum" as I like to call it, do they see only chakra with color and everything else white/black?(even in manga when Sasuke was observing Deidara's Karura, the surrounding scenery's color waned a bit).

    Doesn't chakra's color change, depending what nature is being used? Like how Kakashi's blue chakra turns white for Raikiri, though I'm a bit confused about Rasenshuriken since the author has just left it orange.

    When I was thinking about all this colors, and how changing the color to black made lighting and fire stronger, I again skipped through Nature Transformation page and seeing the diagram thought that maybe Lightning is really Yellow, because it's color there is yellow, and also when C uses the Lightning Pillar the light it emanates is yellow(even in manga), and even wind release, since as seen with Danzo his chakra blade was ghostly white with emerlad green hue to it. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    I'm just getting confused with all this colors, because depending on the color the lightning justu seem to get more powerfull, white, black, yellow.....

    And a bit off the topic. In the wiki it's written that Bee can make the version 1 cloak from his own chakra, not Gyuki's. Can you explain this please, because I'm just plain confused.

    Can Naruto still comunicate with the Tailed Beasts inside him, like in the fight with Madara(asked Son Goku and Shukaku for their chakra)?

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    • It's fine. I don't mind you having multiple questions, there's no limit to how many you can ask as long as you follow the guidelines.

      Just because something is colorless, doesn't mean it can't be visible. Gamakichi was able to see it because Gamakichi was also in the process of learning senjutsu, as we later see in the series.

      The Black/White view we saw seems to be a visual indicator that they are looking at chakra. Because all chakra in the series is colored for the viewer. So we need another differentiating factor to tell us when Sasuke is looking at chakra.

      That's tricky. Because you see, there's jutsu that change color, and jutsu that doesn't. It's not just either one or the other. For example, Rasengan is always the color of your chakra, but Chidori is white. So some jutsu will always be the same color. While others will change depending on the jutsu.

      You are wrong, the nature transformation page is not an accurate depiction of the colors, just a visual explanation. Wind isn't always green either, as seen with Naruto's Rasen-Shuriken. It's just a colored representation. I'm trying my best to get you to understand it isn't always "one way". The color of the jutsu doesn't matter at all if you aren't a dojutsu user. The secret is the "effect" the chakra gives, that is what determines release. Black Lightning is special not because it is black, but because it is more powerful, likewise with Amaterasu, the black flame.

      Like I keep saying, the color doesn't matter, it's the effect and chakra behind it. Black Chidori is more powerful because it uses Six Paths Chakra, not because it is black.

      Alright, for B, you have to understand that Perfect Jinchuriki have three pools of chakra. Their own, the beast's, as well as a separate supply of the beast's which is all their own. This is the chakra they first rip out of the beast after completing the purification ritual. This chakra, while originally the beast's, is wholly the Jinchuriki's now. For Naruto, this chakra took the form of his Nine-Tails' Chakra Mode. However, for normal Perfect Jinchuriki, who don't have access to his transformation, they simply use Version One.

      So, to your question, the Version One that is Killer Bee's is his personal supply of Gyuki's chakra. It's identical to Naruto's Nine-Tails' Chakra Mode.

      Yes, the beasts are still inside of him, even after the battle, so Naruto can still communicate with them if he wishes.

      The reason is simple. It's the tools they are using. Asuma is using Chakra Blades that absorb Asuma's chakra and produce the effect, Danzo is just using regular kunai. Chakra Flow can be managed in multiple methods, like chakra colors, there is no "one way".

      Not all of them are, just a large chunk. This is because ninjutsu with nature transformation usually requires chakra to be built on the inside, its nature transformed, and expelled with force.

      Kakashi and Yamato likewise explain that freely controlling this chakra in this way is extremely hard. Although it was common for us, jutsu like Chidori and Rasengan are extremely rare because it requires some of the strongest chakra control to build chakra in your hands with such concentration.

      It was shown really early on that the Chidori is a marvel among ninjutsu. So much so that when Zabuza, a Jonin, saw Raikiri for the first time, it awed him that the chakra in Kakashi's hand was so strong that it was visible, showing how rare and difficult the feat actually is.

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    • Thank you very much, it finally sunk in.

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  • Hi Omega , In Sasuke and Naruto last battle there is something : What did Sasuke want to do with his left eye ?  I know you perhaps you wanna say "Amenotejikara" but I don't think so .

    One of Sasuke's weaknesses is understimating his enemies . As we saw in the battle with raikage , he first used chidori , then Amaterasu , then Susanoo ... So he keeps the best for last . Even in the battle with Naruto , he was understimating him saying "die !" to Naruto means that he is 100% sure of Indra's arrow killing Naruto . 

    After using Indra's Arrow , he wanted to use a jutsu with his rinnegan and I don't think it was Amenotejikara because he used it earlier ... Perhaps he was just intending to move Naruto to another dimension that no one could find him ?

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    • No, he was adding his own chakra into the mix, not necessarily doubling it. Doubling implies, as you said, he could empower infinite amount of times, but that isn't how it works.

      Here's how it works. Momoshiki is basically "redirecting" a technique, more than he is absorbing it's chakra, if you watch Bleach, it's identical to Jushiro Ukitake's Shikai. The technique gets more powerful because Momoshiki adds his own limited chakra into the mix. Eventually, he will either have to absorb the jutsu completely, taking its chakra, or not make it any stronger than its original, by not adding his own into the mix, because there is none.

      That's doesn't mean ninjutsu isn't dangerous to use. Quite the contrary, he's still redirecting it, it's just not any more powerful. So, as you imply. That combo with Sasuke would never work, because Momoshiki would only add so much chakra to the mix, and Sasuke could only absorb a limited amount of it, based on his current peak chakra levels.

      Preta Path gets all the chakra, but that doesn't necessarily mean it goes to the user. Rather, it is absorbed into the body and rotated in an opposite direction, but the body can only take so much chakra, based on its usual supply. Which means the jutsu is best when you are low on chakra, because then you can refill your supply.

      If you want to make the most out of Preta Path, you need to increase your own natural chakra supply levels. In which case, you can absorb the ninjutsu and take the chakra for your own.

      In other words, someone like Madara, who has more chakra than Nagato, is more dangerous with the Preta Path, than someone like Nagato is.

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    • I got it . Thanks.

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