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June 2, 2013
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  • I found the soundtrack in was unofficial of course, a guy on YouTube named 94lolface or something like that does the unofficial soundtracks just in case u wanted to know I found all the ones I like

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    • Glad to hear it. Perhaps now you get a picture of how difficult it is to just "come up" with the OST at the drop of the hat. Like I said earlier, not all of the soundstracks were released, hence why you ended up finding yours from a third-party in an unofficial form.

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    • U got that right buddy it was pretty hard to find I hope they will eventually been released I like buying them cuz they sound exactly like the original 

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  • This is a continuation of this thread, as it was getting too long.

    To make the transitions smoothly, here is a list of all the questions to ponder so you don't have to go back and forth between different threads (however, it might be beneficial to read the last long post I wrote, as there were some interesting ideas there): 

    Questions for Discussion:

    • When I write my alternate back story for Kaguya, can I get your opinion/feedback on it (I actually might be able to write it some time tomorrow)?
    • I knew you were okay with the mass revival at the end of the Pain Arc, but how did you feel about the actual TnJ segment between Naruto and Nagato? Don't you think it doesn't make a little sense about how Naruto convinced Nagato so easily?
    • (Direct quote from the Overview- best way to display this question)  I was more talking about the abilities of Juubito and Juudara itself, not the actual person. I remember a lot of people speculating that Obito would be able to use every single chakra nature for attacks, and though that's kind of what happened with the Truth-Seeking Balls, a lot of people were disappointed because they felt like Juubito wasn't much of a threat. How do you feel about that?
    • What is the largest character flaw(s) from your favorite character (either Naruto and/or Madara) in your eyes? For example, I noted on Justin's blog that my biggest problem with Naruto was the Child of Prophecy stuff (if you read my previous post, you'll know I pointed out flaws with Sasuke- I'm not trying to just sh!t on Naruto/Madara).
    • I wonder sometimes if there are more Sasuke fans or haters- which do you think there are more of?
    • Since you didn't touch on it, let me ask (since I was hoping it would give you something to ponder)- what do you think of my analysis of why Sasuke used the Tailed Beast's chakra to battle Naruto? Do you think there was more going on, or did he just absorb their chakra for the sake of doing it? (BTW, this is from two posts ago- not my previous long one)
    • What do you think were Naruto's most challenging battles over the course of the series? Also, like I said in the previous post, what fight would you consider "the fight of Naruto's life" (as I said, I consider it the final fight with Sasuke- the same goes for Sasuke, with the Itachi battle being a close second)?
    • To what extent do you think it would take for the Tailed Beasts to wake up? My best guess is that their chakra will naturally replenish itself as time passes, which would allow them to wake up and aid Naruto. Also, where did you read that Toneri needed the Six Paths Sage Mode Chakra to use his green orbs (don't post a link- just tell me what the source said)?
    • Since the anime won't be ending anytime soon (confirmed by SP), why do you still think they'd put a lot of effort into Naruto vs. Sasuke?
    • That (Naruto's first Tailed Beast Mode Transformation) was an awesome moment, but that wasn't in 2014... Do you have any favorite moments and/or chapters from 2014 (661-700)?
    • Are the GoT books good? Have you considered watching the show?
    • What do you think of the character Kakashi (attitude/personality, background, relationships, powers, fights, etc)?
    • What do you think of the two videos I posted above (Naruto vs. Sasuke 695- #1 & Naruto vs. Sasuke 695- #2)? Would you like to see something like that?
    • Which fight do you think resulted in more damage to the landscape- Hashirama vs. Madara or Naruto vs. Sasuke?

    Regarding the Volume 72 cover, I completely agree. I do think it is a little too simplistic for it's own good. While it still feels right to have Naruto as the Hokage looking over the village, it's almost very dull. How do you feel about the fact that it only features Naruto and no other character (while also not displaying any of the events of Naruto vs. Sasuke- the main focus of the Volume)? Also, how do you feel about Naruto with his back turned towards the front? While it makes sense to see his jacket that says "7th Hokage", at the same time I do wish we saw the front of Naruto- not his back. Your thoughts?

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    • That's fine. Also, if we want this wall to not get too many message, you shouldn't leave more messages unless they add to the discussion. You don't need to update me, just answer them when you can. It just ends up wasting space here.

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    • Hey Omega- sorry I haven't been on here lately. Chalk it up to school, work, the weather (snow), and Game of Thrones. 

      I agree that I won't update you on this message anymore (I'll use the requests), but this is an exception, as I have something to add to our discussion at the end of this message. I'll have a response to the Otsutsuki blog within the next few days and the response to this message either Friday or Saturday.

      Now, two things I have for you:

      1. If you're interested, here is a link for The Last on YouTube. It is broken down into four parts- not the best quality, but decent enough. As it's on YouTube, it probably won't last long, so act quick if you want to watch it.

      2. Over on Narutopedia, I went more in-depth about how the anime can improve upon Naruto and Sasuke's final battle. I am going to post my ideas on here as well. Can you please tell me what you think of them, and if you think these are legitimate ideas? Also, can you tell me if any of them seem unlikely? Finally, after reading my full ideas, can you please let me know if you think I am expecting too much/if you think I will be disappointed by the outcome? Here are the ideas:

      My Ideas:

      I. Animation: First of all, I do think it's likely that at least one of the episodes will be animated in the standard animation. However, I'm hoping that the majority of the episodes will be animated with quality similar to that of the Chikara Filler Arc and The Last: Naruto the Movie. Furthermore, I don't know too many animators, but there is one that I am aware of that must animate a portion of this fight: Hiroyuki Yamashita. Some of his work includes nearly all of Sasuke's high quality animation fights, Madara vs. the Shinobi Alliance in #322, Obito vs. the Rain Shinobi in #345, and Kakashi vs. Obito in #375. If I had to pick a certain section for him to animate, I would choose chapter #697, where Naruto and Sasuke fight with taijutsu (that is his specialty).

      II. Length: While two or three episodes may allow for the fight to be animated to perfection, those are still not enough episodes for this fight. I'm hoping for at least four episodes, with five or six being the perfect length, but seven or more is probably the point where it is getting to be a bit too much.

      III. Additional/Filler Content: There are a lot of opportunities in which this fight can be extended in the anime. In fact, I have analyzed the chapters of the battle to the point where I have thought about what should be added in each place. Therefore, allow me to break this down chapter by chapter, where I will explain what could be added in each moment of the fight.

      1. Chapter #695-

      • The fight can be extended right from the very first page of this chapter. Instead of repelling against each other and Sasuke firing the fireball (which would happen later on in the episode), this allows for the perfect chance of a taijutsu scene. However, unlike chapter 697, they are not exhausted quite yet, so their guard would be up as opposed to each punch landing like in the chapter. Basically, this scene would play out very similar to Kakashi vs. Obito, with a lot of fast-moving punches, blocks, and counter attacks. During this battle scene, it would also be refreshing to see them use kunai knives and shuriken to battle with.
      • This battle sequence would also allow for them to use some more of their signature moves in a variety of ways, with Naruto using his Shadow Clones, Rasengan/Rasenshuriken variants, and Tailed Beast skills, while Sasuke would use Fire/Lightning Release techniques, his EMS powers (Susanoo, Amaterasu, etc), and some of his Rinnegan's known abilities.
      • Naruto could also use the powers of all the other Tailed Beasts and Sasuke could use techniques from the Six Paths Technique (Shinra/Chibaku Tensei, Preta Path, etc). However, these abilities weren't in the manga, so the anime may not feel comfortable adding these techniques without Kishimoto's consent. Do you think it's possible we may see these abilities?
      • One of the things that were missing from this fight is an element that usually appears in every fight where Naruto is taking on an opponent alone- there was no scene where Naruto created an army of hundreds of clones. The anime should add a sequence where Naruto creates hundreds of clones and Sasuke has to take them out in strategic manners (taijutsu, Chidori Stream, Amaterasu, Susanoo, etc).
      • As far as the location of this extended sequence, it would start out on top of Hashirama's statue and then work it's way down to the lake on top of this waterfall. It may also be possible for them to end up fighting on the shore/in the forest of the upper lake. Eventually, circumstances would lead to them returning to the top of the statue so that Sasuke can launch his fireball attack and Naruto could enter Six Paths Sage Mode.
      • When they activate their chakra avatars, the anime team could come up with clever ways of extending this section before their clash leads them to the atmosphere.

      2. Chapter #696-

      • Believe it or not, extending the sequence of Naruto and Sasuke talking would be beneficial to the battle.
      • Before Sasuke absorbs the chakra of the Tailed Beasts, they can find interesting ways to make their avatars battle in the sky.
      • After Sasuke absorbs the chakra, they can extend the battle between Naruto's clones and Sasuke's enhanced Susanoo. It would also be possible for Naruto to create hundreds of clones to attack a large target such as Sasuke.
      • After Naruto combines his clones into the three-headed Tailed Beast/Asura Mode, they need to extend the battle between Naruto in that mode and Sasuke in the Tailed Beast Susanoo, as that is clearly when they were at their strongest.

      3. Chapter #697-

      • Before fighting with basic taijutsu, it is possible to still allow them to use basic ninjutsu (Rasengans/Chidoris, Clones/Amaterasu, etc) before completely running out of chakra. For instance, it would be possible to have that hundreds of clones vs. Sasuke sequence at this stage in the battle instead.
      • The two-page spread of Naruto and Sasuke battling with taijutsu all day allows for the anime to literally animate this taijutsu sequence for an entire episode(s), so there's really not much else to add here since the anime can do so much with those two pages.

      4. Chapter #698-

      • This is actually the perfect place to end the battle. There could be more sequences added here, but it's really not necessary.

      Please keep in mind that there is also many more opportunities to add filler content than what I have already suggested. What I have thought of is just a few basic concepts to add it, and I'm hoping that they do even more than I have already suggested.

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  • Just where u go to find them if u want

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  • Nice picture where did find it 

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  • I put a video with the soundtrack in it look at it again please is said where it could be found next to the video

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    • You can't add videos of the official release without the proper copyright. Stuff from YouTube for the most part is a big no-no. Don't add anything, manga scans, scene shots, or otherwise; without the proper copyright information. Visit the Image Policy page to read up on what is appropriate to add to this site, and how to do it properly. If you need help, let me know. Otherwise, I will delete whatever you add, and if it becomes a progressive problem you will be blocked.

      Incidentally, I didn't forget about your question. I have been going over the Part I OSTs for the past few days now, and I can tell you that the theme you are looking does not have an official release title. You should know that not all of the themes were released for the general public, only the most popular. Only about 68 actually made the cut, but they are the most popular and most used ones.

      The reason questions like yours go so long without being answered is because it is very time consuming to answer it, because you have to go through each OST's songs to get the title of the song you wanted, and that is something you are perfectly capable of doing as well.

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  • Hey Omega- with another year under our belt, I think it would be fun to talk about Naruto in the year 2014! As I'm sure you saw, I posted two discussions pertaining to the anime and the manga. Allow me to explain in detail:

    1. Here is a link to the 2014 manga discussion. There, I posted my top 10 favorite chapters (well, I kinda cheated, but whatever...). I'd really like it if you could give me your impressions of the manga in 2014. You don't have to do any lists or anything, but if you had a favorite chapter(s) from 2014, I'd love to here it/them. Of the two, this is the most important; I don't really care about the other one too much.

    2.Here is the link to the 2014 anime discussion. Pretty much the same explanation as the previous one, but I don't care as much if you do this one.

    Everyone's arriving so I gotta go- have a great New Year's! :D

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  • TyA

    Whenever deleting pages for bad links, it is usually a good idea to clear the "content was" box so the items don't end up in the deletion log. I have hidden three instances of it as seen here. Don't take this the wrong way, just wanted to give you a little tip :)

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    • I would rather it appear in the deletion logs actually, because it isn't a bad link issue, it's a copyright issue. The editor continues to post the sites link despite myself continuing to delete it. I've warned the editor. I do appreciate the help either way though.

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  • Hello, Can you tell me where you found that picture or put a link to it? Thanks.

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  • Here is that separate message I was telling you about earlier. This is for any discussions about the Naruto series between us that don't fit anywhere else. If I have any miscellaneous questions/requests that don't require some actual thinking, I'll still use that other message, but this is for pure discussion between us. With that, I'll start off by leaving the three requests for you to answer here when you have the time. 

    1. Full thoughts on chapters 699 and 700/the finale- Though I know some of what you thought about the ending, there is still a lot that I'm curious about your opinion on. Since there is so much to cover, I'd imagine you'd have a lot to say about this. You can just write your thoughts about the finale on this message.

    2. Full thoughts on Naruto and Sasuke's final battle- All you have to do is answer the nine questions provided in the post below this one, as well as whatever else you want to say about the final battle. This has been a major point in a lot of our discussions over the past year, so I'd like to see what you thought about the overall result. You can leave your thoughts about the fight on this message.

    3. Full thoughts on the Naruto series as a whole- Of all the requests, this is probably the most daunting one as there is really a lot to cover. In fact, it's been taking me multiple days to completely write my complete thoughts about it. For that reason, I would understand if it would take you awhile to get to this one. While I would prefer if you would leave your thoughts on this on the actual Naruto Overview Discussion (as not only is that where other people should leave them, but that also has the format all laid out for you- unless you don't want to use the format), but if push comes to shove, you can also leave it on this message. 

    So there you have it. For the future, I'd like to use this message as the main basis for all of the major Naruto discussions between you and I that do not fit anywhere else. As I understand how busy you can be, take as long as you want to get to these- no rush... though maybe we could have a nice long discussion over this upcoming Christmas break, eh? Thanks, and take care!!! :D

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    • I'll get to your other points at another time.

      The Volume 72 cover is both nice and disappointing at the same time. Mostly because it just seems like it's a little too simple. I am particularly drawn to the fact that Naruto's right hand is not bandaged, perhaps it's too mislead volume readers from hinting at the fate of Naruto's right arm. If for some reason they didn't already know it.

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    • Disregard my last point on the other post- I'm going to create a new thread since this one is getting long. From now on, just answer the questions on the new thread. I'll copy and paste them into a new thread now. I'll also address Volume 72 on the new thread. As it stands, this thread had a great run!

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  • Hi Omega64,

    I have so many questions and it is all related to this character Black Zetsu, If you don't mind. Can you answer those on my blog. 

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    • Sure, but even if you have multiple questions, you don't have to make a blog. Just write them all down, and, no matter how many there are, we will answer them.

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