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What Makes a Good Answer?

Here are some tips on what makes a good answer:

  1. They should answer the question asked in the most concise way possible. Do not go off on tangent, give "fun facts", background/history, or tidbits in answers unless absolutely necessary to the scope of the answer. Information like that, can be left on the comments.
  2. They should be based on provable facts.
  3. Citing relevant manga chapters or episodes to back up your answer.
  4. Answers should be objective, not subjective. This also means that you should not add speculation to your answers.
  5. Links to relevant pages on Narutopedia where the user can see further info related to the question.
  6. If you think that the question has already been asked before, redirect it to the earlier question.
  7. Answer the question calmly and civilly, no matter what you think of it or the character the question is about.
  8. If you find an inappropriate question, for example one that is not about Naruto or is offensive, add the {{delete|reason=Reason}} template to the question.
  9. When in doubt of anything, take it to the question's comments area.
  10. Please refrain as best you can from using "one-word answers": they generally do not answer the question which the person is asking. Using your own discretion though, cases where a question can be answered with a single word, or even a link is acceptable.
  11. Please refrain from revisiting old answers and adding new responses to them. At the time that the question was answered, that information was true. If it's a case where that is no longer the case, use the comments section to add a note that the answer to the question has changed.
  12. While sarcasm is always appreciated, do not use it to answer questions. Always assume that the questions being asked come from a  genuine point of interest and answer them accordingly.
  13. If you do not know the answer to a question but think that there may be an answer, do not fill in the answer section requesting more information. Instead leave the answer blank, categories may be added, but leave any request for information in the comments section.
  14. Do not answer your own question. If you already know the answer, there is no point in asking.