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Images are not used a great deal on this wiki but when they are, they should adhere to these basic rules:

  1. Images must first and foremost be licensed. The suitable licenses to be used are "comic" for manga scans, "tv" or "other" for anything from the anime. This can be done in two ways:
    1. Selecting the proper license from the dropdown menu while uploading the image. (Recommended) or
    2. Adding {{Fair use}} manually to the information page of the image. Remember to use a specific license as stated on the template page.
  2. Images must come from a canon source i.e. manga, anime, or even video game, (where applicable). Images which constitute as "fan-art" are frowned upon, and will be deleted on sight.
  3. Try to get manga and anime images that do not have watermarks on them from scanhouses or anime websites. These will be considered copyright infringement and deleted, regardless of licensing as well.
  4. Images created by other users such as .SVG files must be accredited to its creator and licensed under the Creative Commons License. Failure to accredit (simply mention who created the image) the original owner will result in the image being immediately deleted, regardless of proper licensing.
  5. Please try to only upload images when it is absolutely necessary — i.e. there is little to no other alternative to depict or explain an answer or question as best as possible. Images can be added when an editor deems it necessary to depict the situation, or if the question would be better answered in, or along with, pictorial additions.
  6. Images from narutopedia can be directly used on this wiki as local images and hence should not be reuploaded here.

As usual, and disputes or discrepancies can be brought up with your friendly neighborhood sysop.

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