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How to ask a question

  1. Firstly, try to always phrase your question, as a question and not a statement. These might be deleted under the "not a question" rationale.
  2. Check the Answered Questions to see if your question has already been answered. Or similarly, use the search bar at the top of the wiki to find out if the question has been asked and answered before.
  3. Be as clear and to the point as possible so others can understand the question.
  4. If you wish to rephrase your question - go to its page and EDIT the question instead of asking a new question.
  5. Use the search box to see if your question has already been asked.
  6. Do not pre-empt answers. So for instance do not ask a question and then state "is it because of x or y" in your question. You can always use the discussion section to deal with that later if you find what you asked initially has not been answered.
  7. Do not give a background to your question, try to keep them short and to the point as best as possible. There's no need for example to say "I've been wondering about this for a while" or else compare the question you're asking to another instance, for example, "if x can do this, then how come y can/cannot do this" (it would be preferred if you simply started your question at "how come…").
  8. Understand that we do not do forecasting here. Therefore asking questions about things that are going to, or might happen in the future of the series will be deleted or given a "don't know" response. We can only provide you with answers based off fact within the series, and those that take into account a margin of assumption/drawing logical conclusions.
  9. This is an English wiki, so write the question in English.
  10. Adding a question mark at the end of the question is not needed, the wiki does that for you.
  11. Do not ask questions that require an extensive amount of research on a fact about a character, scene, or song. Practicality would state that if you are not interested enough to research the fact, then neither will an editor.

How to categorize a question

  1. The categories on this wiki are character questions, game questions, general questions, jutsu questions, movie questions, music questions, and translation questions. Do not make a new category without the community support.
  2. Questions should be given categories that best describe the question.
  3. If the question doesn't fit one of the categories, use general question.
  4. If a question already has one or more categories, do not add general question. General question can fit any question, which is why that category should only be used on questions that doesn't have any other category.
  5. Redirects don't need categories.

Things you should not ask on this wiki

  1. Is character A is stronger than character B?/Who is stronger: A or B?
  2. Will character A die in the future or not?
  3. Questions about another anime.
  4. Will character X and Y pair up (romantically) in the future or not.
  5. Will character A defeat character B or not?
  6. Does character A love character B or not?
  7. What is going to happen in the future or upcoming chapters/episodes?
  8. Questions asking to list all characters or jutsu based on a combination of certain parameters. These can be easily found using the relevant pages or filterable lists on Narutopedia like Which currently alive female medical-nin can use Water Release?. Asking questions of this nature will either be answered with a "don't know" or simply deleted without warning.
  9. Questions asking for a specific timeframe where something happened in the series. This is not a team of personal search engine operators. The same effort is involved in finding the information. Any search engine can be used just as easy to find out for yourself example. Try to first use all possible resources i.e. a search engine or Narutopedia before resorting to asking a question.