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Why was my question redirected here?

Your question could not be answered or was not suitable for Naruto answers.

There are some questions that just can't be answered, but they still get asked a lot on Naruto answers.

Typical questions like this include "who am I?", "how are you?", and "huh?". Questions like that get redirected here.

These questions can't be answered because they are either specific just to the asker (and so how would WE know the answer?) or the questions don't actually make much sense.

  • Questions asking for opinions like "Who loves whom", "What do you think" or "How do you feel" type questions can also be redirected here or deleted. Questions which are prone to start discussion wars on irrelevant comparisions between characters like "Opponent 1 vs Opponent 2" or "Who is smarter" and "Who is stronger" can also be redirected here.

If you try to add a new question containing curse words, illegal activity, adult or pornographic content; it may also be redirected here automatically. In such cases, please reword your question to be more family-friendly.

  • Questions asked when someone: just wasn't thinking, is looking for attention, is bored, in need of "special" help, is a few fries short of a happy meal, fell asleep in the English class and decided to make up another language only he/she understands, etc...