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I personally find the manga somehow educative, inspiring and fulfilling. Many problems raised in the story reflect what also happens in real life and bothers us. The interesting thing about the villains of Naruto is, that they aren't "evil" in that sense they seek destruction and chaos for the sake of it, rather their original idea started somehow as a thought for good.

As crazy as it sounds, but in my eyes, the Shinobi Alliance Forces are the bad guys... is the Infinite Tsukuyomi really such a bad outcome? It's the only way how to achieve a permanent and TRUE peace in a chaotic world. What are Naruto and others ACTUALLY fighting for??? They are dying for nothing in my eyes, their actions bring only more death. Had they surrendered from the start, most of the casualties could have been spared. It doesn't matter if Obito's reasons are crazy and possibly selfish, he IS saving the world, or isn't he?

I'm more than certain that once the war is over, each side will once again turn against each other. One village will find a reason to blame the other, like for the deaths of their comrades and who is de facto fully responsible. Can the blood of your brethren, of your children, of your loved ones and of your ancestors on your rival's hands really be forgiven? Remember as the alliance was getting formed and a Shinobi from one village turned against an other from another village? Gaara had to use force and then his sweet speech to calm them down, but for how long?

Can such a thing be forgiven, yes or not? Is it alright for later generations to fight on for those who came before them? Spilling blood just make more blood being spilled and it goes on forever because each side of conflict demands to avenge their relatives to venerate them in respect of their names and sacrifices by returning the blow each time, calling it justice.

After all, isn't it to shake hands with those who murdered your dear like a spit on their graves?

Both Obito and Nagato understood this, the cycle of hatred in inevitable and the reality is nothing but a cruel flawed chaotic commedy. Yet the latter, did start to believe in Jiraiya's fairy tale in his last moments, he was persuaded and swayed by Naruto's naive, delusional, childish and imaginative view on life, that being HOPE. Hope is a belief that things will eventually turn to better without anyone moving a finger, it's sad to have such a belief, or is it sadder not to have any hope at all?

Not sure how many of you did realize this, but if it weren't for the Moon Eye Plan, the villages wouldn't have united and forgave each other (even if temporarily) so the war ITSELF has already brought peace, meaning that even if Obito's goal fails, it WAS worth it.

Perhaps at least the current and following generations are going to live peacefully? That is only if Kishimoto plans to end it with a happy end. Otherwise it would just prove how miserable things truly are.

So are Obito and Madara (also others) evil for sure? No they aren't. The true big baddy of the story is no one (or rather nothing) but the cycle of hatred itself. What the two are just trying to do is to make world where no such thing exists.

Now let's look at Orochimaru's way of solving the eternal conflict. He declared himself a god, cut out from within himself what makes us human, that is distinction between the concepts of "good" and "evil" more so morals in general and took on the path of achieving a world where weakness does not belong to and only strong and worthy immortals would live in with himself as the ruler.

Why should we have any regrets, remorse and mercy for others while the world itself we live in has none for us? Food for thought.

Any opinions and predictions about how things may turn out for our heroes? Also please leave a comment if anything ever stroke you in real life realizing such a question/topic of morality and issues was brought up in the series that has inspired you or made you sit and think about matters for a moment. Do you think Kishi has a deeper story to tell other than Ninja jumping on trees and ****, or am I seeing too much into it?

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