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Rinnegan lets the wielder use the techniques of the Six-Paths:

  • Deva Path - It grants the user the ability to Manipulate Attractive and repulsion forces.
    • Shinra Tensei - Repels any attack and any foe.
    • Bansho Tenin' - Has Gravitational effects.
    • Chibaku Tensei - The user creates a small black orb throws it into the sky. Just like the Bansho Tenin' it attracts objects from all directions and pulls them into the sphere, compressing them simultaneously.
  • Naraka Path - It grants the user the ability to interrogate it's victims, it uses the Outer-Path to assist it during these interrogations.
  • Asura Path - It grants the user the ability to summon a mechanised armor, augmenting their body with extra limbs and various robotic weaponry and missiles.
  • Human Path - It grants the user the ability to remove the Soul from it's victims with relative ease by placing their palm on the victims skull. It can also read the victims mind before removing the soul. Some souls can be stored within the Gedo-Path so the person can be revived later on.
  • Animal Path - It grants the user the ability to summon various creatures.
  • Preta Path - It has the ability to absorb chakra as Ninjutsu will not work against it.
  • Outer Path - The Outer-Path is the Seventh Ability wielded by the Rinnegan. It has the ability to restore fallen victims if the user wishes it. It Can also be used to Bind and Restrict Foes. It also Creates and Manipulates the Six-Paths of Pain.

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