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spoiler alert

in the anime and manga: lava release: melting apirition technique: spits a thin sheet of lava lava release: lava globs: spits several globs of lava boil release: skilled mist technique: she releases an acid mist, she can control how acidic the mist is.

water release: hidden in mist technique: allows her to make a thick fog to hide from her enemies.

water release: water dragon bullet technique: makes a powerful surge of water that looks like a dragon.

water release: water encampment pillar: kinda like water encampment wall only its released from her mouth and its curved.

video game jutsu (note these jutsu apear in the most rescent naruto games):

boil release sinful lotus technique: makes acid mist erupt from the ground as explosions at varying ranges.

lava release: melting apirition crest: kinda like melting apiirition technique only its not continuous, and its smaller.

water release: droplet spears: makes many small orbs of water from her hands that she can guid with hand gestures, to smash into her enemies.

water release: flowing whips: kinda like water whip only she can also make a sphere of water that splits into multiple whips that smash into her enemies from multiple directions.

water release: flowing spears: she can materialise crescent shaped blades of water that flow from her hand, she can also materialise a pillar of water to erupt from beneathe her enemie.

water release: showers: gathers water in the air above her that formas into multiple orbs of water that fly at the enemy.

water release: raging rapids: she materialises a powerful cyclone of water around her enemy.

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